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Honeycomb stars

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It doesn’t take much to brighten up a space for having friends over for a quick spring drink. Hanging a few bright honeycomb stars and enjoying simple iced tea cocktails make enjoying a quick cocktail moment easy and fun. With our busy schedule, I have become a huge fan of the drop-by-for-cocktails approach to entertaining. It allows me to catch up with my favorite people but doesn’t put too much pressure on the time we have.

Hang these honeycomb stars up over the bar or a gathering area, set out the makings for easy cocktails, and invite friends over throughout the week to join in the fun.



Combine the hanging honeycomb stars with paper star drink toppers for a sweet and simple entertaining space. The stir sticks make a pretty statement in the drinks and will keep your bar looking simple and stylish. They are easy to make in advance and have out in a glass on the bar – I love keeping little spots of revelry like this throughout the house. It helps to always be ready for a party.



To make the hanging honeycomb stars: purchase 5-inch honeycomb balls right here. Trace a half-star shape onto the honeycomb ball and cut. Fluff out the honeycomb and hang for a gorgeous star filled space.

The drink stirs are made the same way, with mini honeycombs. Once they are cut out, line one side with glue, attach a wooden kitchen skewer stir stick and finish off by securing the other honeycomb side.



The iced tea berry cocktail is made by combining 1/2 a bottle Lipton Pure Leaf Unsweetened Ice Tea, 3 berries, ice, and 1 tsp star fruit simple syrup in a cocktail shaker with ice.
Make the star fruit simple syrup by purchasing and juicing one star fruit. Place the juice along with 1/4 cup of water and 3/4 cup of honey in a saucepan. Stir continuously until the syrup is well mixed and the mixture is brought to a boil. Remove and let cool – this star fruit syrup can be bottled and stored for up to a month.

Serve the spring cocktail in wide rim glasses with frozen berries as ice cubes. Garnish with a slice of star fruit and top with the honeycomb star stir sticks for a quick moment of revelry that is as sweet as spring.

Pure Leaf is a premium iced tea brewed from real tea leaves picked at their freshest. For recipes, tea tips and daily inspiration, visit

Compensation was provided by Lipton Pure Leaf. The opinions expressed are all mine and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Lipton Pure Leaf.


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