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Host A Cozy Evening At Home

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chateau Ste. Michelle. All opinions are 100% mine.

Host A Cozy Evening At Home

Between roasting the turkey and buying all the gifts I am in need of a cozy night at home. It must be something about being a busy mom, but I get so giddy when I find out I have an entire evening before me to relax. I normally open a nice bottle of wine, often with a friend, and do something that is just for fun. #Bliss

We used to live about 20 minutes away from Chateau Ste. Michelle. It was the first wine I ever loved and has remained a favorite over the years. I’m so thrilled to partner with them today to bring you my 10 perfect ways to host a cozy night at home & 10 Perfect Sips to enjoy with each one. Ladies let’s treat ourselves to a nice glass of wine and a cozy night at home in the midst of this busy time of year.

1. Netflix binge night

Relaxing and binge watching that show you’ve been wanting to see is the perfect way to spend a cozy evening at home. Doing it with an amazing glass of wine and a good friend makes the relaxing all that much more fun! That’s a combo I’m always happy to enjoy.

My biggest binge night in this month was obviously for the Gilmore Girls release! I was a fan before the fan club started for this show. Rushing home in college 15 years ago to catch the latest episode. My daughter is named after one of the characters – so to say I am excited for this release would not even be the half of it. In fact, I watched the entire new season in one long marathon weekend with good friends by my side.

Host A Cozy Evening At Home

2. Light a fire and toast a marshmallow

There’s something about sitting in front of a fire that instantly relaxes me. The flames dancing and the warm crackle make for a cozy night indoors.

Host A Cozy Evening At Home

3. Put on a record and dance on the couch

Having a dance party on the couch can be downright therapeutic! Grab your nearest girlfriend, turn up your favorite jam, and rock out for a while. Not only will you burn major calories, but you’ll release some serious endorphins that will make the rest of the evening especially nice.

Host A Cozy Evening At Home

4. Buy flowers and arrange them around the house

Buying flowers for myself is an instant mood lifter. More often than not though they end up stashed in a vase because I don’t have the time to properly arrange them. One evening, take a couple bunches of flowers and thoughtfully arrange them through every room in the house. Not only will you brighten up every room with beautiful flowers to enjoy, but you’ll slow down time and do something thoughtful to fill your heart.

Host A Cozy Evening At Home

5. Light a candle and open up a favorite book

The obvious way to spend a cozy night at home is with a very good book. Jumping into bed at a crazy early hour with a candle lit and a good book in hand feels quite near heavenly to me. I more recently found out about the Goodreads app and have been devouring their recommendations as quickly as possible. Start a book club and give yourself good reason to do this often.

Host A Cozy Evening At Home

6. Invite a friend over to chat about the latest relationship news

Entertaining can be hard when it’s organized and filled with frills. Keep your cozy night at home low key by inviting a friend over at the last minute. Stay in whatever seems comfy and commit to clean not a single thing before she gets there. She will appreciate the realness of the night and feel more comfortable inviting you into her imperfect home as well.

Host A Cozy Evening At Home

7. Take a hot tub dip

I heard this called a wine bath the other night and I laughed out loud. What night isn’t perfect when including a friend to chat with, a hot tub dip, and gorgeous glass of wine? It’s the perfect way to begin or end an evening and a simple way to give a little self care even when we may not be able to block out hours of uninterrupted “me” time.

Host A Cozy Evening At Home

8. Try on all your clothes and make a series of new outfits for the season

With the holiday season comes so many choices for clothes and dressing up. Figuring it all out in one night can make the coming month easier and be a lot of fun! Take the evening to sort through your clothes, try on different combos and make a few unique new outfits. You can even take photos if you think there’s a chance you’ll forget what perfect sweater looked great with that skirt. It’ll make your rushing out the door to a holiday party, while cooking dinner, and feeding a baby this month so much better.

Host A Cozy Evening At Home

9. Pinterest your heart out

We often work on turning off our social media distractions in the name of productivity – but let’s be honest, we all love social media because it is fun! Why not set aside an evening to scroll your heart out and then make whatever looks most amazing! Be sure to hand off some of your awesome baked goods next door for a few good neighbor points while you’re at it. Whether you are compiling gift ideas, future home dreams, or just want to look at delicious things. A night of indulging can be exactly what’s needed.

Host A Cozy Evening At Home

10. Lay out back with your favorite beau (on your trampoline if possible) and stare up at the stars

I did this once by accident and now it’s become a bit of a ritual. I was outside cleaning up the kids’ toys after bedtime and had to grab something from the trampoline, I ended up on my back staring at the stars and then just stayed there for a long time. It was beautiful and quiet and a perfect moment. Now I sneak out sometimes to do exactly this, but intentionally and often with the husband. It’s literally the breath of fresh air I need some nights.


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What is your vision of a cozy night at home? I’d love to know and you should definitely take an evening this month to do whatever your perfect thing is + participate in the 10 Perfect Sips contest – just head over to 10 Perfect Sips or the Chateau Ste. Michelle Facebook Page for more inspirationadditional lists

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