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hot cocoa served in oranges

Hot Cocoa Served in Oranges

One of my favorite combos is chocolate and orange. Every holiday season we buy one of those amazing balls of orange- chocolate and it’s hard not to gobble up the entire rich and sweet combination immediately. This year, I tried an orange hot cocoa and it blew me away. It was as good as the ball, but in yummy liquid form.

To recreate the taste at home, I put my own spin on it and created these yummy oranges filled with hot cocoa. Just enough of the orange flavor infuses the drink and it is SO GOOD! Plus, they are adorable to serve and will be that little something special your guests will remember this season.

Hot Cocoa Served in Oranges

Hot Cocoa Served in Oranges

Hot Cocoa Served in Oranges

Hot Cocoa Served in Oranges

To make the hot cocoa oranges, start with one large orange per guest and enough of your favorite hot cocoa mix to go around. Cut of the top of each orange and hollow out the insides. Cut a small hole in the top of each orange for the straw to stick through. Then fill with cocoa and serve!

I was pleasantly surprised at how well the thick skin of the oranges kept the cocoa inside. This warm and the tasty drink is my new favorite Fall treat!

Hot Cocoa Served in Oranges

You could easily make these as Hot Toddys, for a more grown up taste! Serve up a bunch of these beauties this weekend and by all means, cheers to fall, cocoa, and all things fabulous.

Photography in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography.

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