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How Make Your Weekend Sparkle In 10 Easy Steps

How Make Your Weekend Sparkle In 10 Easy Steps

I am craving the joy of a sparkle filled moment this holiday weekend. Getting the house, parties and drinks ready for summer by creating moments of sparkly fun is the perfect distraction from weekday life. Here are 10 great projects we’ve created to increase the sparkle quota for the weekend, do them all (and maybe throw in a miniature unicorn pinatas) for a weekend filled with fairy dust and fun!

Glitter Ice Cubes

Glitter ice cubes will make Friday night’s drink magical.

Glitter heels

Sparkle heel bottoms to show them you are definitely ready to party.

Glitter party balloons

Glitter party balloons that will celebrate whatever Saturday sends our way. I love these and they are so easy to make!

Edible glitter cake

Colorful sparkle party cake for sweet Saturday snacking.

glitter and sparkle wrapping

Sparkle & glitter wrapping paper to up the fun factor for all the parties and weddings this weekend.

Glitter marshmallows

Marshmallows that sparkle are way better than others for long nights of s’more making.

Glittered toy animals

Adding glitter tassel animal ornaments is a fun way to update the toy chest and teach the kids to sparkle well on a long Sunday afternoon.

Glitter Nails

Nails that sparkle give super powers- read about it… I promise it’s true!

Glitter birthday crown

Those super power sparkle nails go perfect with this crown that sparkles and shines for a stunning weekend birthday look.

Glitter wall paint

And… glitter paint for walls that shimmer! A great project to tackle on a lazy Monday at home.

Cheers to a holiday weekend filled with sparkle and fun. xoxo

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