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How To Color Ice Cream

ice-cream-3I saw this genius tip the other day that Lydia came up with and thought instantly how I could use it in my life. Create ice cream in any color hue imaginable! I immediately whipped up a few favorite shades for our family to enjoy and couldn’t wait to share the idea. This is great for summer parties when the ice cream needs to match the party, and the right flavor just doesn’t cut it.

ice-cream-2Now you can make any flavor any color!

Since I have picky kids that won’t try many ice cream flavors (oh the pain!), I love this for mixing up our after dinner treats with a punch of color without changing the taste at all. Plain vanilla just got a whole lot prettier.

I just adore the options nifty little trick gives us.

Colored Ice Cream

Here’s how to color your own ice cream, you’ll need:

1. Stick a pan in the freezer until it is nice and frozen cold, put the ice cream in the pan and add the food coloring – for the best pastel shades, see this post we did on getting the perfect icing color.

2. Add the drops and mix well and fast for the ice cream.

Store by color in bowls, or buckets until ready to serve and enjoy this sneaky little summer trick all season long.

PS. When your ice cream matches your outfit.

(Photography & ice cream creation in this post ©Lydia Cazorla/Stocksy United).

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