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How to decline a party invite

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How to decline a party invite

When summer hits I tend to get really overwhelmed quickly. All my dreams of lazy days lounging around quickly get lost in a sea of places to be. The invites start rolling in.. there are barbecues, camping trips, soccer games, graduation parties, and weddings all vying for the slots of time when I really meant to be laying on the beach. I do love parties, but sometimes to keep our sanity I’ve got to say, No.

Declining a party invite is still one of the hardest things for me to do. I always love a great time with friends. Whether its because of kids, sickness, or just the fact I need to steal away a moment, that is just for me, I’ve become quite the expert at saying, “No”, these days. Want to know the secret I’ve learned? I’m excited to share this little trick for saying no to a party invite. It works wonders every time…

How to decline a party invite

The best way to say, “No” to a party invite is to immediately respond, call, or text and say…

“Oh, I would love to! But I’m committed somewhere else.”

It is direct, to the point and wonderfully vague.

This phrase is a great way to say no to just about anything. It doesn’t offend the inviter (I mean if you are committed somewhere else of course they’ll understand). It doesn’t tie you down to thinking of an excuse on the spot. The phrase really does cover everything. I could be committed to care for a sick child, to wash my hair, or perhaps I’m committed to sitting next to a friend at the bar that night.

Perhaps, I’m even committed to just doing nothing for 10 minutes. To taking a break that is all about me, to sit still in the warm sun and enjoy my Vanilla Almond Crunch Ice Cream Bar with no other obligations. Because in the midst of a crazy summer filled with parties, trips, and kids. Kids all day long! Sometimes I need to sneak away.

Saying, “NO” to get these moments of secret indulgence helps me to show up to the events I do attend with joy, calmness, and happy kids in tow.


For my little moments of indulgence, sometimes it can be as simple as closing my eyes on the bed for 10 minutes, or taking a leisurely stroll by the river.

For the times I want something sweet to go along with my secret moments away I’ve tried and reviewed a few fun treats from Skinny Cow this month – the ice cream bars are definitely my favorite. They are the perfect size for just 10 minutes and a little summer indulgence. The Caramel Divine Filled Chocolates are also amazing and can be carried in my purse for a moment of indulgence anywhere. And I can’t wait to try the Creamy Cappuccino Creamy Iced Coffee, for when I sneak away reading a chapter of my new favorite book (which I’ve been meaning to tell you – read Where’d you Go, Bernadette it’s the best summer indulgence read).

Do you find yourself needing to say no sometimes to get the moments in life you want? What’s your favorite way to say, “No”? I’d love to hear it. Share your own #SkinnyCowSecret on Twitter by sending a direct message to @TheSkinnyCow to receive a sweet treat!

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