how to find the original source for every image

When I teach blogging courses, one of the first things I mention is being able to find original sources for images online. If you are going to post images that someone else has the right to, then it is imperative to make sure you are sourcing the image correctly. Firstly, because it is just good blogging, and the right thing to do. Secondarily, because there could be legal implications if you post someone else’s work without the proper media credits.

Even when pinning, it is important to be sure you are pinning from the original source for the work. As an artist myself, there is nothing worse than opening up Pinterest and seeing a project I designed linked back to someone else’s site.

I assume everyone knows this process, but then every time I teach I get a round of oohs, ahhs, and thanks when sharing my six step process for finding the original source for every image.


Here’s how I do it:

  1. With the image you want to find opened up, open a second browser window and go to google image search.
  2. Click on and drag the image you have opened into the google image search box.
  3. A page will pop open with links to where that image is found. If you are lucky, there will be a front link that is obviously the original source for the photo. Click on it and credit properly.
  4. Often times it won’t be that easy. If I cannot find the original source that way, I click on the “view other sizes” link.
  5. A new page will open with photo links of where the image is found. Usually the largest image is where the original photo is held. Scroll over the top of the images to see the site info. You may have to click through a couple sites before finding the original source.
  6. Once you find it link properly.

* A helpful blogging tip I love is that in step four, there is a link that says, “view similar images”. If you are looking at a photo you love, checking out similar images can open up your eyes to new blogs and resources that go along with your site or Pinterest board aesthetic.

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(Nail Photo by Spaco Salon).