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How To Host A Digital Kids Party

This post is sponsored by Messenger Kids and SheKnows Media.

We’ve had a number of friends move away over the past couple years who the kids want to keep in touch with, but it has been hard to find a good way to safely connect with everyone. Luckily, we’ve found ways to allow our kids to stay in touch digitally with Messenger Kids.

Through the free app the kids can connect with their friends from across the country and enjoy laughs, crafts and even cupcakes together! We’ve found a way to host a mini-digital party just to ensure they’re able to keep in touch, since their favorite way to party is with their closest friends.

To create your own digital kids party, just set up Messenger Kids for your kids and have their friends’ parents do the same.

Once you’ve done that, grab the best candy and treats you can find, and let the kids go to town making their own fun with stickers, gifs and all those things the kids LOOOOVE to do. We’ve used Messenger Kids for a movie night, where they kids watched the same movie together, for a spontaneities Friday fun night, and even as a stand in to actually attending one another’s birthday parties.

It’s been sweet to see the celebration continue even with friends who are really far away.

Before we started these little parties, my kids were always asking to use my phone to use apps, which would freak me out as a mom since those apps aren’t geared towards the kids or online safety at all.

With the Messenger Kids app, though, I know my little people are 100% safe – since they can only have contact with people I approve of and nothing they do on the app will ever be deleted, meaning I can check up on them any time I want (though I can only last so long listening in on 9-year-old girl conversations!) :)

The kids have fun and feel they have freedom while I know they’re safe from online harm. To learn more about the Messenger Kids app check out their website, Facebook page, or download the app in the Apple, Android, or Amazon Fire app stores.

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