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why don’t we – make a bonfire tub

Make a bonfire from a metal tub.

Hey, it’s Friday… let’s light a bonfire!

Now that it’s basically summer, bonfires are on my mind.

One day I’d love to own a huge field to host bonfires in, but until then making them work on the back deck will have to suffice. While searching for a way to create a perfect bonfire without a huge space, I realized I already had the supplies on hand.

We made a bonfire with a metal tub bucket and it worked great!

Metal tub bonfire

Make a metal tub bonfire

Make a metal tub bonfire

Here are a few tips for using a metal bucket for a bonfire.

First, it has to be fully metal. Really metal. No plastic involved. That means the awesome $16 version at Target will not work – in fact it might burn your house down (learn from my experience!) Full metal tin.

Second, the bucket cannot have paint inside. This white one was fun, but we quickly realized it was probably not the safest option for our lungs. Use unpainted metal to protect that beautiful voice for singing nostalgic bonfire songs.

Third, It gets hot! This should probably go without saying, but a piece of metal lit on fire will be HOT. As would anything you light a fire in. Be sure the fire is completely out and the metal has had hours to cool before planning to move or touch it.

Cheers to a fun weekend of roasting treats on the deck!

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