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How To Make A Balloon Window At Home

Ever since purchasing our house I have been excited to create a balloon window and the bay window in the studio is just a perfect spot to fill with balloons! The best thing is that this type of balloon window looks just as fun from the inside as it does the outside – it is party decor that is easy & does double duty.

Just incase you don’t happen to have a large bay window at your disposal, don’t miss this!

We’ve figured out the secret of how to make a balloon window at home that can be used to create a balloon window in ANY window of the house. From a large bay window, to a small front of the house window, even a tiny basement window. In a room with multiple windows this might be the only party decor DIY needed to create a fun party space in just a couple of minutes. After being inspired by multiple storefronts creating this look, we’ve decided there’s no reason not have the same balloon filled fun at home.

To insure the balloon window looks just as good on the inside – we added a few strands of garland and hung our favorite disco balls on the inside of the window. If your window is going to do double duty, make sure it looks just as fun from both sides!

How To Make A Balloon Window At Home

To make the balloon window at home you will need:

  • Full page white adhesive letters
  • Balloons in different colors and sizes
  • 10 push pins
  • 1 roll of plastic wrap
  • Any other decor items to arrange in the window

1. Start by placing the letters on the window outside. Create any saying imaginable with these letters. Happy Birthday, Congrats, Parties Here or our favorite Celebrate Now! If you are putting up multiple lines of letters using a level string taped across the window works great as a plumb line for the hanging.

2. Blow up enough balloons to fill the window, hang any garland and toss the balloons into the window frame. If your window frame is deep like our bay window – a lot of the balloon installation can be created this way, for a thinner frame move to step 3 before placing the balloons.

3. Run lengths of plastic wrap along the backside of the window. This will hold the balloons in place no matter how deep or shallow the window frame is! This is the trick for creating balloon windows at home. It’s an easy way to push the balloons up against the window without blocking the pretty view from inside.

Use 2 pushpins on each side to hold the length of plastic wrap and roll it right across the window before pinning on the opposite side.

4. Once the plastic wrap is in place, stash the rest of the balloons inside. Leave space between the wrap layers to adjust balloons as necessary.

I’m so giddy we figured out how to make a balloon window at home. It is the kind of project that we will use again and again for all our parties. Would you ever try to create a window like this? It can quickly transform a room into any kind of party imaginable.

PS. You can also put those letter decals directly onto the balloons.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ali Denney).

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