How to Make Your Guest Bedroom Cozy and Welcoming

For some people, spending the night away from home can be unsettling and uncomfortable.

If you are having someone stay over at your house for the night, this is exactly the opposite of how you want them to feel, and making your guest bedroom feel cozy, welcoming and safe will have a huge impact on the comfort of your guests.

Homely but Tasteful

Homely but Tasteful

You want your guest bedroom to have a little bit of elegance and sophistication about it; it should be neat and tidy, the décor should match and the color palette complementary, but you don’t want to create a completely crisp and perfect essence.

You want your guests to feel at home and cozy, and to do this you need little bit of a personal touch as well, whether it be through blankets and cushions or art and knickknacks.

Comfort is Key

Comfort is Key

One fear everyone has about spending the night away from home is whether or not the bed is going to be comfy. Getting landed with an uncomfortable, lumpy bed is like being in a nightmare, at least it would be if you can even fall asleep in the first place.

Not only do you want to give your guests multiple blanket options and the best fluffy pillows for maximum coziness, but you also want to give them the best mattress; if you are struggling with this, SFGate’s post on best mattresses can give you some guidance.

Provide an Empty Closet

empty closet

Living out of a suitcase or bag isn’t ideal, but often when you go to stay with someone for a night or a few days, you don’t have anywhere to put your things.

To make your guests feel welcome and at home, provide them with some closet and storage space so they can unpack their things and really settle in. Make sure they know that this space is solely for them and they can make use of whatever they like.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and Tea

Having access to hot drinks in a guest room will make them much more comfortable. If they are an early riser but love a hot cup of coffee as soon as they wake up, they won’t feel like they are disturbing everyone else by headings downstairs to the kitchen and putting the kettle on at the crack of dawn.

The same goes for if your guest is a bit of a night owl and wants a cup of tea past everyone else’s bedtime. Having a kettle and tea and coffee in the room gives them the freedom to refresh themselves with a hot drink as and when they please, making them feel welcome and at home.



Nowadays, everyone is used to having access to movies and TV shows wherever they are, and many people use it as a way to wind down in the evening before going to sleep.

Providing TV access in your guest room is a sure way to make them feel cozy, comfortable and at home. There is no pressure to watch something that everyone likes and they have the ultimate entertainment freedom, whether they want to use it or not.

Just make sure all the streaming services are already logged on so they don’t have to hassle you for passwords!

Fresh Linen and Towels

Fresh Linen and Towels

You don’t expect to go to a hotel room and sleep in the sheets left over by the last guests in the room, so this shouldn’t be the case when you have guests to stay in your home either.

Make sure all the linen is clean and recently changed, and provide them with their own fresh towels to use to make sure they feel welcome and wanted in your home.

When you have someone to stay at your house, you want them to make themselves at home; to ensure maximum comfort and coziness, start by setting up your guest room properly.