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How to Organize Your Craft Room + Ideas

Inside: How to Organize Your Craft Room + Ideas

Chances are that if you have landed here then you are most likely an avid crafter, or are looking to up your crafting game! First, Welcome we are glad you are here. Second, let’s talk about how MESSY crafting really is! I mean, is it just me or does your crafting space just take over everything?

From hot glue guns, felt, ribbon, paint, and confetti, you can spot a craft supply within 2 minutes of walking into my house. I have been lucky enough to actually start dedicating a room in our home to crafting and work, which has helped a bit… as long as the door stays shut.

No matter how big or small your crafting space is more often than not things seem to spiral out of control. Projects stack up, supplies are spread out, and chaos piles on quickly, oftentimes leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated.

Through the years I have learned a clean and organized space brings so much for motivation and inspiration than a messy disaster. This is why I came up with some easy, helpful, and realistic tips and tricks to keeping your craft room organized.

How to Organize Your Craft Room

How to Organize Your Craft Room

Step 1: Eliminate Clutter

A craft room is one of those places full of random items that can really pile up and get out of control. For me, it usually ends up being the room where I put everything that doesn’t have a place. Or it just quickly becomes a mess as you’re busy turning your creative visions into an artistic reality. Either way, the clutter can soon take over, leaving you feeling uninspired in your own craft room. That’s why the first step is to purge all the unwanted items and everything you don’t actually use or need.

Step 2: Assess the Situation

No matter the size or location of your craft space, to get organized you need to define the area and plan out your space. This means getting clear on what craft tools you have, the materials you use, and anything else that needs to be organized. When you know this it’s easier to decide where everything will be stored and what organizational items you need. Don’t forget to leave or make space for you to actually do crafting!

Step 3: Buy All the Organizing Items

Once you know what you have available, you can decide what you need to buy. Now if you are wanting to stick to a budget, I suggest browsing Dollar Tree. They have TONS of great items! Anything you can’t find there you can always find great stuff on Amazon.

Step 4: Make a Place for Everything

Now that you have determined where everything will go and how it will be store, it’s time for the fun party. Putting EVERYTHING back into it’s OWN designated place. This is YOUR craft room organization system so make sure that it works for you. Remember that being organized is all about putting systems in place and forming habits around these systems.

How to Organize Your Craft Room

Craft Room Organization Ideas

1. Giant Peg Board: This giant pegboard accent wall is trendy and quite practical. Not only does it look great but it’s functional too. It’s definitely an afternoon project, and it doesn’t take long to get up at all. This is going to be awesome for organizing all of your craft supplies, and it would make a great addition to any workspace.

2. Organizing Embroidery Floss: What a great and colorful idea! Mine are stuffed away in a box, a waste of all those beautiful colors.

3. Use large baskets for rolls: For a while, I didn’t really know what to do with large pieces of paper, vinyl, and leather, but I discovered that rolling them up and then using a large basket on the floor is a great way to keep them all together and organized.

4. Use Clear Jars: Apothecary jars or other clear jars make excellent storage solutions for small objects like pens, pencils, buttons, and other must-haves. They also double as decor, adding instant color and excitement to any space.

Craft Room Organizing Tips

5. Display Fabric: If quilting or sewing is your jam, keep inspiration right in front of your eyes by filling wire shelves with folded fabric scraps. Coordinate them by color and design for an aesthetically-pleasing look.

6. Label Everything: Give all of your craft supplies a perfectly labeled home. That way you’ll know exactly what you have, and minimize waste from buying new items you already had — somewhere — but just couldn’t find.

7. File Materials in a Binder: Perfect for the scrapbook-obsessed, store paper, cut-outs, and stickers in three-ring binders. Use clear sheet protectors to keep all of your scrapbooking materials in tip-top shape.

Our Favorite Craft Room Organization Products

Organizing Products

1. Rolling Drawer Set

2. Colorful Storage Boxes

3. Scrapbook Paper Holder

4. Vinyl Organizer

5. Rolling Utility Cart

6. Paint Organizer

7. Clear Containers

Download our Printable Labels

Join our Facebook Group to download these adorable organizing labels. Each label is ready for you to write in your supplies and get busy organizing!

Printable Labels

Dreamy Craft Room Inspiration

Small Craft Room

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Craft Room Organization

Photo: The Country Chic Cottage

organizing supplies

Photo: Pretty Providence

Craft Cubbies

Photo: Sweet Red Poppy

Crafting Station

Photo: Honey Bear Lane

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