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How To Stuff An Easter Basket The Kids Will Love

Inside: How to stuff Children’s Easter baskets with fun Easter stuff for kids!

When it comes to giving Easter baskets out to our kids, I have a no-fail formula that I like to think I’ve perfected over the years. Including the same types of things in each of our kid’s Easter baskets has made them a hit no matter what age they are. Or what they tend to be into that specific year. I’m stoked to be partnering with the newly released DVD and blue-ray Open Season: Scared Silly, to share my Easter Basket stuffing formula today.

How to stuff easter baskets


  • The formula helps us not go overboard. Easter is a fun holiday, but it’s not a holiday we are buying huge gifts for and breaking the bank. Following these 5 steps makes it easy to stay within our budget.
  • It allows the baskets to look balanced (read – fair) to the kids. Much like making sure there are exactly the same number of boxes for each child under the Christmas tree, if our baskets are lopsided it becomes an unfortunate ordeal. We like to make things fair, if not always equal. So the kids get the same number of items and the same types of things in each of their baskets.
  • The stuffing formula saves time. I can go out in one-afternoon amazon session and grab everything I need to fill baskets that will bring joy and make the day special for everyone. That makes for one happy mom.

Here’s my 5 step formula for stuffing Easter baskets my kids will love.

Easter Stuff

Childrens easter baskets

Must have #1 Unique baskets

It’s always best to start with a great base and an Easter basket is no different. I try to find unique baskets that will be functional for my kids even after Easter is over. A large bowl for planting flowers, a crate for organizing their desks. There are so many creative options available for baskets that can be reused and not tossed when the day is over. I love checking out thrift stores (where I found the bunny balloons), or even the home decor section at my favorite shops for these.

DIY easter bakset

Must have #2 Something they are into

Knowing your kids well enough to pick out a few things that will encourage their talents or inspire them. Something they are enjoying will not only allow them to feel loved, but it’s a great way to narrow down what you might want to purchase. My daughter loves silly fun fashion and she is in a stage where she writes and illustrates stories daily. Getting her a set of blank storybooks, new pretty pencils, and fun socks are exactly the types of gifts she’ll adore.

easter stuff for kids

Must have #3: An activity to do together

Encouraging family time and shared experiences is a great addition to every Easter basket. We picked the newly released OPEN SEASON: SCARED SILLY on Amazon and for its funny storylines and family-friendly appeal. It is one of those movies that is great for the kids, but I also find it hilarious. Finding fun movies and games the entire family can enjoy together makes Easter Day even better.

fun kids easter basket ideas

Must have #4: Something sweet

Children’s Easter baskets are known for their candy clad sweetness and we don’t want to disappoint in this area. Including peeps on a stick or other fun, treats will make all the kids happy. We don’t do sweets daily, so finding fun ones to include on special days is always a great treat.

Easter bakset

Must have #5: Something they’ve been eyeing

One of my favorite tips about how to stuff Easter baskets is grabbing one special gift that you know your kids want is an easy way to elicit excitement and joy. I normally keep note and find one special piece that they’ve been oohing over to add into the basket. When it comes to my son, it is usually a lego set. And for my daughter this year it is art for her new room.

DIY Kids Easter Basket

Add in a little Easter grass and maybe a paper bunny head for a stuffed Childrens Easer basket your kids will love every single year.

OpenSeasonScaredSilly-BDThis post is done in partnership with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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