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Kool-Aid Hair Dye: How to Temporarily Dye Your Hair

Kool-Aid hair dyeing uses unsweetened powdered Kool-Aid to dye hair in different colors, and it’s a good alternative to using expensive hair dyes. Dyeing your hair at home with Kool-Aid is inexpensive, and in most cases, it’s highly efficient on both light and dark-colored hair.

Kool-Aid hair dyeing is semi-permanent, depending on your hair’s color, texture, and health. The color usually fades within four to six weeks, but it can be permanent on certain hair types.

The dyeing method costs as little as $0.50 depending on how many sachets of Kool-Aid you need. Using Kool-Aid and conditioner to dye hair is easy and quick, but messier than the dip-dye method.

There are no harmful chemicals in Kool-Aid, making it a safe method for dyeing hair at home. However, Kool-Aid stains the hair, the dye is difficult to remove, and in some cases, the only way to remove the color is by cutting the hair. The dye might also damage certain hair types and fade unevenly.

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How to temporarily dye your hair with kool-aid

How to Dye Your Hair with Kool-Aid and Conditioner (Step-by-Step)

Dyeing your hair with Kool-Aid is one of the easiest ways to add color to all of your hair and to streak hair. This method offers more control over the dyeing process, and you can use it as a way to add multiple colors to your hair.

The Kool-Aid color shows readily on lighter hair when using the conditioner and Kool-Aid method, and if done correctly, this method shows well on darker hair too. Measure the ingredients precisely to ensure that the color isn’t diluted.

Depending on how long the mix is left on the hair, the Kool-Aid colors will usually last a few weeks.

Factors that reduce the time the color stays in the hair include:

  • Frequently washing the hair
  • Exposing the hair to chlorine when swimming
  • Regularly using heat-styling tools

Temporary Kool-Aid hair dye

Kool-Aid and Conditioner Recipe

Here’s how to make the Kool-Aid and conditioner mixture for dyeing hair:


  • 5 to 7 packets of unsweetened Kool-Aid (color(s) of choice)
  • ½ to 1 cup of hair conditioner of choice (the amount depends on thickness and length of hair)
  • A mixing spoon
  • A mixing bowl
  • Hairbrush
  • Tin foil or disposable shower cap(s)
  • Old towels and clothes
  • Tinting brush (optional)
  • Plastic gloves (optional)


  • Heat the conditioner in the microwave for 20 to 25 seconds in a microwave-safe mixing bowl.
  • Mix the Kool-Aid powder into the bowl and combine with conditioner to form a paste
  • Let the Kool-Aid and conditioner mixture cool to room temperature before using

Apply the paste to your hair using this method:

Step One: Adding the Dye

Begin by adding the paste to the hair in one of two ways: all at once from the roots to the tips, or by sectioning off pieces of hair using hair ties and adding streaks from roots to tips.

Step Two: Processing the Color

While the paste binds to the hair, cover the dyed pieces of hair with a disposable shower cap or tin foil to ensure the color doesn’t stain anything the hair might touch, like your clothing, furniture, bedding, and even your skin.

Step Three: Let the Hair Absorb

Leave the mix to soak into the hair for one to eight hours. The time depends on how bold you want the colors. The mixture can be left in overnight.

Step Four: Rinse

After the time is up, rinse the hair under cold water until the water runs clear. Don’t use shampoo or any products in the hair. Once the hair is rinsed, it should have the desired color stained on the hair.

Kool-Aid hair dye

How to Dip Dye Your Hair with Kool-Aid (Step-by-Step)

Dip dyeing your hair with Kool-Aid is done by dipping the tips of your hair into a bowl of Kool-Aid juice. Choose the amount of hair you want colored and dip the hair in as far as you want. This method is easier and quicker than dyeing all your hair with Kool-Aid and conditioner and colors light and dark hair types.

When dyeing hair using this method, the color will last four to six weeks or longer.

Kool-Aid and Dip Dye Recipe

Follow these steps to make the Kool-Aid dye mixture.


  • 2 to 3 sachets of unsweetened Kool-Aid powder (any colors)
  • 2 to 3 cups of water
  • A pot
  • A heatproof bowl
  • A brush
  • Hair tie(s)
  • Old clothes and towels


  • Prepare the dye mix by adding the Kool-Aid and water to a pot, then bring the mixture to a boil on the stove. Add one or two sachets for light hair and three sachets for darker hair
  • Reduce the heat once the mix starts boiling and allow the mixture to simmer for one or two minutes
  • Transfer the mix to a heat-proof bowl, and let the mixture cool before using.

Step One: Test the Dye

Practice this dye method on a small section of hair to find the right color balance for your specific hair type. Adjust the amount of water in the dye mix if the color is too strong, or add more Kool-Aid powder if the dye is too weak.

Step Two: Dip the Hair

Once the mixture is made, transfer it to a bowl. Tie your hair into a low ponytail or two pigtails and sit comfortably. Lower the ends of your hair into the mixture. The color will seep an extra ½ inch or so up the hair shafts, so factor this in when choosing how far to dip your hair.

Leave the hair to soak in the mixture for 10 minutes if you are dyeing lighter hair and up to 30 minutes for darker hair. The longer the hair stays in the mix, the more vibrant the color will turn out.

Step Three: Remove the Hair

After soaking your hair, carefully remove the hair and use an old towel to squeeze out the excess water and Kool-Aid.

Step Four: Lock in the Color

Dry your hair using a blow dryer to set the color. Using a straightening iron afterward will lock in the color even more. Avoid wetting the hair for as long as possible, preferably the rest of the day.

How to dye your hair with Kool-Aid

Dyeing Dark Hair with Kool-Aid

Using Kool-Aid to dye dark hair doesn’t always work. Dark hair needs to be lightened before it’s dyed. It’s not advisable to lighten hair at home because bleach can damage your hair, especially when the lightener is misused.

Kool-Aid does work on dark hair if you use these tips:

  • Use saturated colors like blue, purple, red, and variations of these colors
  • Increase saturation by adding other colors to create a combination (for example, red and blue make purple)
  • Avoid lighter colors such as yellow, orange, and green
  • Use at least three to five packets of Kool-Aid
  • Use less water or conditioner for a more vibrant effect

Kool-Aid Hair Dye Removal (Step-By-Step)

Here are some steps for speeding up the removal of Kool-Aid hair dye. If the removal method doesn’t work, or if the color hasn’t faded completely, you will need to cut the colored hair.

To remove Kool-Aid from hair, you will need:

To remove Kool-Aid dye, follow these steps:

  • Wash your hair several times using the clarifying shampoo. The shampoo should fade the color
  • Mix the shampoo with a teaspoon of baking soda to help remove dark Kool-Aid stains
  • Boil water in a pot on the stove and add 2 tablespoons of baking soda for the last rinse
  • Stir the boiled water to dissolve the baking soda, and then dip your hair in the mix for 30 seconds
  • Condition your hair deeply to replace the moisture that the hair will lose during this process

Cons of Dyeing Your Hair With Kool-Aid

While Kool-Aid doesn’t contain the harsh chemicals that professional hair dyes have, the juice can still damage your hair by drying it out.

Kool-Aid may also become permanent because it stains your hair, and certain hair types retain the color. The dyed hair must be cut in some cases.

The Kool-Aid color might not fade well, creating an undesirable result. The dye may also color the hair unevenly if the color is misapplied.

Dyeing hair with Kool-Aid can be dangerous for young children because the hot water required for this process can cause burns, and the juice can stain any surface, clothing, or skin it touches.

Before you go, I wanted to let you know about my favorite hair care products to maintain your hair color. Dermstore has all my favorite products to keep your hair looking great.

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Photography & Art Direction by Jesy Almaguer, see more photos from this beautiful shoot right here. Styling by Tere Prieto. Model: Marijose García.


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  1. Love it! Looks so amazing! I’m really loving the pastel hair colours…I’m not sure how it would look on me as I have short hair (think pixie cut-ish) but it looks beautiful with long hair and lots of feminine curls! :)

    • Cris hi! All colors will work on light hair. The colors that take better to dark hair are – purple, red, and green. Just like actual dying, it is difficult to go lighter without bleach (and please don’t bleach at home;). Let me know if you try it, I’d love to see.

  2. I want to try this soo bad, but my hair is already colored. Would it work on previously highlighted hair? My highlights are a light, carmel blonde and i would hate if it messed with the color permenately. I know it says its temporary, but do you know if it would affect my highlights?

    • Kelley, we have not tried it over highlights. Eek. Anyone else? It is temporary, but I honestly don’t know how that would affect already colored hair. You might want to wait until just before your next appointment to try it – just in case:)

  3. WARNING: If you dye your hair or have highlights, don’t do this. I’ve tried it and the color stayed and stayed and stayed…. it was a real bummer

  4. Presumably adding the conditioner softens its effects, but as a teenager with dark hair who didn’t want to bleach to use Manic Panic, etc. Kool Aid was my go-to. Because it would stick to my brown hair. And stick. And stick. I’d be a bit wary.

  5. Love the hair color, but I am more interested in what she is wearing. Especially in the first photo. The florals look lovely.

  6. Wow, I absolutely adore this look! I have dark brown hair, so I was wondering if I can still achieve this pastel purple color.

    • you won’t be able to get any pastel colors with brown hair because the kool aid can only add color and not take it away from your hair to make it lighter so you would need to bleach it

  7. wow, this looks like a lot of fun! i’m chinese, and am wondering if this would work on black hair. also, does this affect the texture/quality of your hair? (:

  8. Should this have turned into a brown paste? After adding all the ingredients together, it turned brown rather than purple. Is that the correct color for putting on my hair, or should I just stick with buying grape Kool-aid and dying it that way to get light purple?

  9. Hey, anyone knows how this works on henna dyed hair? Have been using a coppar red henna for the past years, and since im now practically not able to dye or bleach my hair without getting a horrible outcome (there’s some kind of metal or something in henna?), this kool aid would be a fun to play around with when getting tierd of the same old hair color…

    • I would be wary and do a strand test first if the henna has metallic components. The vinegar might react to the micrometals in the hair strands and give an odd outcome or even cook the hair. Alternatively you might be able to use just the hair conditioner and Kool Aide. Again do a strand test first somewhere where it won’t be as noticeable and see what kind of results you get.

  10. Hi,
    the color looks great! I would like to try this!
    Which flavours of kool aid did you use?
    I come from Germany and just want to be sure to buy the right tones! :)
    Kind regards

  11. I am a stylist. Fare warning…if you have previously colored your hair (lighter and especially blond hilites) this will stain your hair and it will be a nightmare to get out. I have seen this last well over 6 months. Although that was with red/pink and they stain worse than other colors. The shade of purple you achieved is beautiful though.

  12. Hi. This tutorial is lovely and I’m quite eager to try this but I live in Australia and we don’t have Kool-Aid here. Can you suggest any alternatives?

    • I would say you could but you might have to wrap the ends in plastic wrap (Saran wrap, Glad wrap, etc) and hit it with a hair dryer on low for a while (or sitting out in the sun so the sun can warm it). The wrapping up your head in the original process allows the plastic to trap in the heat from your head and processes the color into the hair strands. Might take some trial and error experiments to get the timing down to where the hair strands hold the color properly.

  13. Hey, I’ve followed the directions and didn’t put anything else in it, but it burned like hell 3 min after putting the mixture on. Could you know why?

    • You might not have gotten all the baking soda out of your hair prior to applying the mixture. The baking soda will react to the vinegar and produce heat (and irritation!) Remember the volcanoes you made in elementary school where you poured vinegar into the hole with the baking soda and it foamed up and spewed out?

  14. Be careful with this. My sister has very light blonde hair, and mom used red on her hair for dress up…yeah, she had red to pink to light pink….it lasted about a month.

    • Kool Aide is the name brand of drink mix powder. It comes in all kinds of flavors like grape and blue raspberry and lemonade, etc… It’s a little powder packet that you mix with water and sugar to make a fruity flavored kid’s drink. I couldn’t find a UK equivalent right off the bat but I did see where you can buy it off Amazon UK and some folks said they were able to find it in some grocery stores there. I would suggest the Amazon route simply because I’m not familiar with what the equivalent would be there. We have many ‘generic’ versions of Kool Aide here as well. ‘Kool Aide’ itself is a name brand for the flavored drink mix.

  15. May i know. Where is Kool Aid Hair Dye is available? I am from Philippines. I love to. But it is difficult for me to find it. So, will you help me.

  16. I can’t wait to try this! 1 question, do you use the conditioner and kool aid mix on wet hair or dry hair? I know it needs to be clean but can you do it right after you wash it? Thanks!

  17. This doesn’t work. I did it with tons of baking soda and mixed it with shampoo then washed my hair. I mixed two packets of unsweetened cherry hello with 1/4 cup of conditioner then put about 3 tbsp of vinegar because the jello was too clumpy to stay on my hair. I don’t know..maybe I put too much vinegar or I needed to boil the jello first..

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