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How to Treat Your Dog to Their Best Party Ever

Pets are part of the family, so why not celebrate a special day for them each year too? It could be their actual birthday if you know it, or perhaps the date you adopted them or brought them home. Don’t worry, your dog won’t know if you don’t quite remember the exact date! You might treat your dog like royalty every day, but dedicating a party to them gives you an excuse to invite friends and family over, so you can all celebrate together. Here are some great ways you can ensure the party is a great success:

Food and Drinks

Your dog will agree that food should be high on your list of priorities. Doggypedia is a good source of nutritional information when it comes to dog food, but don’t forget about the extra treats too. You could purchase a doggy-friendly cake, or even find a recipe to make your own. Just make sure any food you have out during the party is dog-safe and non-toxic. Hydration is also important, so always ensure there are plenty of bowls of fresh drinking water available for your dog, as well as their doggy guests. If it’s a hot day, your party must include shady, cool areas.

Pick a Theme

The best way to get inspired for any kind of party is to choose a fun theme to draw ideas from. A dog’s party is no different, so pick something fun like Hollywood stars, tropical-themed or pop-culture inspired like Star Wars or Marvel – whatever excites you and gives you inspiration, as well as ideas for printed tablecloths, fun décor and perhaps even costumes! Not every dog is a fan of costumes but having a photo-shoot station set up will give you a chance to dress them up for a shorter period of time. Parties make great opportunities to get some lovely photos of your dog!

Choose the Right Setting

Depending on the number of guests you invite, dogs and humans alike, you will need sufficient space to entertain them. Let’s not forget about adequate space for exercise and going to the toilet too! If you have a big garden, get some paddling pools out and plenty of towels and your dogs can enjoy a splash. If you don’t have a backyard, some venues let you rent out space to entertain dogs too. It’s worth checking out! 

Invitations and Guests

Inviting the right guests is important. Before you send out invitations, make sure you know which dogs get along well with your own pooch! Dogs are sociable and can enjoy play dates with other dogs, but that doesn’t mean they make friends with everyone. Large dogs and smaller dogs might not mix well, so plan carefully. You also need to take care when inviting lots of large dogs, as this may make the party unsuitable for smaller kids. 

Entertainment and Goodie Bags

Entertaining your dogs is a must – this party is for them after all! Entertainment can be really simple, from playing with their favorite toys to hosting dog-themed contests. Pin-the-tail on the dog, best costume awards, and talent contests are all great fun for your human-guests too. Goodie bags are also a nice touch – they could include squeaky toys and dog cookies or treats, which can be as inexpensive as you like. 

Remember that your party is all about celebrating your dog, giving them lots of extra attention, and making the day an enjoyable experience. You know your dog best, so tailor their party to be something that you know they will love. If you still need some inspiration, check out parties that other dog-owners have thrown for their dogs.

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