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How to make a DIY hanging planter

Inside: DIY hanging planter. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Green Works. All opinions are 100% mine.

With Earth Day coming up and spring all around us, it’s the perfect time to celebrate. I love to celebrate by getting the kids involved in planting their own mini-gardens. Every year we let the kids pick out a number of easy to care for plants and flowers to forage their own mini-gardens. This year we decided to do it potted instead and not just any ol’ ugly pot, but to turn some of our favorite pencil holders, lanterns and buckets into the perfect DIY hanging planters for spring!


diy hanging planterdiy planters

In reality, just about anything can be turned into a pot and letting the kids pick out theirs has added a new layer of fun to our Earth Day planting.

make your own planters

fun planters

Easy Planter Pick Up

We’ve partnered with Green Works for this planting project because planting with the kids is all fun and games until mom has to clean up ALL THAT DIRT! With Green, Works wipes & spray I can still feel good about loving the earth AND… cleaning up the dirt.

Green Works is a new line of products that clean powerfully. And are derived from at least 97% natural ingredients. They are made with plant- and mineral-based cleaning ingredients. The wipes are biodegradable and have cleaning ingredients that are naturally derived. Which is great for when I want to teach about caring for our world – while actually doing it!

planting spring flowers

My girl and I had so much fun creating this potted plant garden using some of her favorite vessels from around the house. It’s a great solution for a window or small porch garden to bring in some fun design style along with an array of greenery and flowers.

DIY Hanging Planters

To create the potted garden you will need:

  • Different vessels from around the house, anything you can imagine will work!
  • Potting soil
  • Plants
  • A drill fitted with a drill bit for creating drainage holes
  • Small pebbles

planting flowers

1. Start by removing the small plant from its store pot and deciding which vessel will fit it best. Think about how tall the plant will grow, how deep the current roots are and where you plan to put the pot once it’s planted. Be sure to not disturb the roots while moving the plant into the DIY haging planter!

diy planters

2. Before placing the plant into its new DIY planters make sure there is a good drainage system set up. In this fun pink lantern, the water will drain right from the hole, which makes it perfect! For our other vessels, we used a drill with a drill bit to allow for holes in the bottoms of our planters. If the planter cannot be drilled into (say you might want to use it without holes someday), another option is to place a series of small pebbles at the bottom for good drainage.

plating in flower pots

3. Gently place the plant into its new home in your DIY hanging planter. And give it a good part of fresh soil on top before watering well.


More of our flower favorites

These DIY hanging planters are perfect for spring and summer! Here are a few more of our favorite flower ideas:

planting a garden

With Green Works wipes our mess was cleared with ease. We could immediately start enjoying all that is awesome about our DIY hanging planter. The cleaning line is available at Target – save 20% at Target using Cartwheel and check out Green Work’s website for more information.

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