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how to turn your corks into candles

How to turn corks into candles | A Subtle Revelry

This week we turned a corner from warm days, full flowers, and late spring into full-fledged summer vacation. We’ve been drafting up our summer bucket list, looking at all the amazing places to swim around Reno like here, as well as starting fires out back! I have a few festive Fourth of July projects coming up, but first, this simple little trick will take you happily through the many summer evenings ahead –  and it only has two steps.

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How to turn corks into candles | A Subtle Revelry

How To Turn Your Corks Into Candles

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To turn your corks into candles:

Once the corks are soaked let them dry fully before using.

Light them up and enjoy making the easiest candle there ever could be. Happy summer!


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  1. I’m assuming this only works for the natural corks and not the synthetic ones? So many of the corks are synthetic now. The synthetic ones do make for great diy stamps though. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rebecca, yes it only works for natural cork. We actually tried a couple synthetic ones (by accident) and they do not absorb the same. As far as burn time goes, it depends on the cork and the vessel. The taper candlesticks offered a much longer burn time then the tea light vases – due to oxygen levels I believe. Hope that helps!

  3. Couldn’t you add essential oils for a nicer fragrance?…such as lavender oil. Seems to me that a burning cork + alcohol would be well improved. ;)

  4. I was also wondering if the acetone alcohol is a pre-mix or 50/50 of each? Also the burn time is a question I have also.

  5. Do you know how long they will last between when you soak them and when you burn then? Just thinking this would be great for backpacking if they would keep for awhile before use.

  6. Um… As nice of a project as this is, it seems really iffy to have fumes from medical ACETONE around your house and respiratory system?!!

    Like it seems like a really, REALLY bad idea, and unless there’s something I’m missing, I’m surprised no one is saying anything about it. I’m all about upcycling and wine cork projects, but they’re not to-die-for.

    I definitely opt for the citronella/essential oil route. It should burn cleaner, deodorize/fragrance, and keep bugs away. Maybe it won’t take to flame as easily, but I hope to try it.

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