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ice cream birthday squares


Ice Cream Birthday Squares

Looking for a sweet way to celebrate an ice cream lovers birthday? These ice cream birthday squares are so festive and fun! They’ll be an instant hit and can freeze in a couple hours. Claire made them for us, using an ice cube tray as the mold (we’ve done that before!). They’re are a fabulous way to turn ice cream into finger food for your next party.

Serve these beauties on small squares of parchment paper for a fabulous way to say “Happy Birthday” to one friend – or an entire roomful with ease.

Ice Cream Birthday Squares

Ice Cream Birthday Squares

Ice Cream Birthday Squares

Ice Cream Birthday Squares

Start by making a basic vanilla ice cream mix. Combine one and a half cups of heavy cream, half a cup of sugar, one cup of milk, and one teaspoon of vanilla extract in a small pan over a medium heat. Whisk until the sugar has fully dissolved, don’t let it simmer or boil. Once cooled, divide the mixture into three bowls. Add a few drops of pink or red colouring to one bowl, and purple to another. Add the colour slowly, mixing with a fork until you have a pastel shade. Leave the third bowl white.

Ice Cream Birthday Squares

In your freezer, prop a giant ice cube tray on an angle (a small tub or a bag of frozen peas make a good stand!). Use a small jug to pour your vanilla mix into the molds until they are half full, one colour in each mold. Having the tray at an angle will give you the diagonal line through your ice cream squares.

Once your first colour has frozen thoroughly (be sure to refrigerate your remaining vanilla mix in the meantime), lay the tray flat and pour a different colour into each mold until they are all full. Let these freeze through, and them pop ’em out when you are ready to serve! To make these extra party-fied, dip the squares into a plate of sprinkles, and scatter some on top.

Ice Cream Birthday Squares

Project recipe and photography by Claire for A Subtle Revelry. See more pretty photos from her at South by North.

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