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Sherbert & Spice, part one

Sherbert & Spice and everything nice

This ice cream birthday was pure joy for me to produce. From the inspiration found here to the invitations found here– it was girlie, summer, old-fashioned fun at its best and I am just giddy to share a bit of it with you today.

Let’s talk about circles! A chandelier made entirely from hand cut felt circles was centered above the desert table and was one of the original inspirations for the Sherbert & Spice ice cream birthday.

This little miss turned four under our canopy of dangling circles… 575 to be exact- Congrats to Jenna Wood for guessing correctly and winning our ice cream birthday contest!

Once we started with the circles, it seems we couldn’t stop:) They began popping up all over the party making the entire backyard feel simply magical.

Individual handmade pinatas filled with treats for each of the kids.

An old funky sofa found new life as backyard seating. We brought it into the ice cream birthday design by stitching circles made from spray painted fabric along it’s sides. Bringing indoor furniture outside can be such a great way to add charm and detail to your outdoor party.

A tee-pee sat underneath a nearby tree. Made out of a thrifted bed ruffle, 3 stick of wood, a bit of ribbon and layers of strung felt circles- it quickly became a favorite spot for our little ones to sit and eat.

Even our games seemed to have circumference in mind. A homemade version of twister made in our bright ice cream birthday colors was a sweet addition for the party, and will be a lovely keepsake to brighten up a future rainy day.

We had multiple old fashioned games set up around the yard with hand painted chalkboard signs to alert our guests of the fun to be had. Find the homemade photo booth instructions here.

Chalk for the kids to play with was an easy way to add party decor below our feet

We even had a pogo-stick which ended up being great fun for the dads + a pallet cleansing connect four game that served up smarties between our party courses.

Dots for dessert complemented our sherbert ice cream perfectly.

A sweet model to showcase our dotted bracelets. We affixed sticky pieces of Velcro to each of our dotted papers to create candy bracelets for each of the children.

All these circles and you haven’t even seen the sherbert yet, or the juice boxes, or my favorite guest signing idea ever!

Part two HERE.

Photography Credits- Jackie Wonders



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  1. Why didn’t I know you when I lived in San Diego!!! I LOVE this party! Your details are always super unique. Standouts on part one – Twister! Individual pinatas! Pure genius. And part two – Covered juice boxes! Homemade sherbert stand! Can’t wait to see more parties.

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