A part of my reasoning for embarking on the 30×30 challenge is to give myself a chance to learn about what I love and hate when it comes to planning parties. It is working…

I am finding although I kind-of hate the process of cooking and menu planning. I absolutely adore coming up with totally impractical but fun design accompaniments. My perfect party would have all the food catered except a few random, not really useful, but lovely little dishes like… pinwheel lollipops, custom parchment wrapped muffins, etched sippy cups, or a lifesaver flower field. Since this is becoming quite the party theme for me, I am going to begin sharing them with you as I create…

One of my favorites so far has been the totally impractical but delicious,

White Pearled Doughnut Hole Tree-

The tree was a beautiful centerpiece that came together so easily. I was inspired by this gorgeous wedding cake. Plus, white doughnut holes just seemed a perfect stand-in for pearls…

Make a Doughnut hole tree yourself-

You will need 4 boxes of doughnut holes, 1 pack of toothpicks and 1 fifteen inch foam floral cone.

  • First poke all of your doughnut holes with a toothpick pushed half way through the hole.
  • Then begin poking toothpicks onto your floral cone one by one.
  • Start at the bottom of your tree and begin making lines of doughnuts up the tree. At the end you can fill in any extra spaces by using half doughnut holes to fill in any left gaps.

We accented ours with a mixture of candied & paper pinwheels. This tree would also be amazing in chocolate!