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Inspired by… simple parties

Hard wired into my DNA is the desire to- Go. All. Out. for celebrations. You love me for that:) On the flip side it can also be nice to light a few candles, make a paper hat and sign a sweet melody… The End.

Simple paper cones and stapled tissue paper create the most adorably easy hats.

A few simple red balloons and ice cream served up nice and gooey leaves lasting memories for little boys.

A simple wooden table of treats is sometimes all you really need.

& the simplest of games can make everyone giddy- A wall full of balloons to pop with confetti and goodies inside.

blessings for summer’s simpleness.

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  1. Elizabeth, I’m not sure how exactly she did it, perhaps I can get a DIY. My suggestion would be to take 3 squares of tissue, cut into each square to make the petals and staple all together at the base.

    I will work on it in the coming weeks and get back to you:)

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