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Inspired weekend- photography

This weekend I am inspired by beautiful photography. “A picture communicates truth where words often lack -C.S. Lewis”. As I slowly grow and learn my camera I am constantly inspired by those that truly excel in this field. The artistic flair of great photography is an inspiration that never grows old.

(The soul creativefriend & artist)

Other inspiring photos-

One beautiful shot after another…. all day long
Celebrating nothing but simple beauty.
Babies make such sweet subjects.
Flowers so close you can see through them.
Astounding pet photography + prints.
Every color posted in this series instantly becomes my new favorite.
Glamorous dinning alfresco.
The difference between I’m not very hungry & I need to eat that right now!
& Lastly, The most adorable kid shots ever taken.

Here’s to an inspired weekend- We are off to celebrate the big 29 in fancy Vegas style. Monday I will be announcing the 30×30 spa gift card winner + you can still enter today.


PS. I am currently looking for an event photographer in the San Diego area. If you know of anyone I would just adore it if you’d pass on their info by contacting me here.

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