InboxDollars is a major player in the survey and cash rewards space. It’s a perfect site if you want to make some extra bucks in your spare time. If you are aiming at a few hundred dollars a month working through your spare time, this is certainly a site you can use for this purpose. Is InboxDollars legit? Though you may not earn a lot of money, it’s legit and not a scam.


Founded in 2000, InboxDollars offers cash rewards for surveys and online tasks. Today, it has millions of members across the globe. In its 20 years of operation, the company has grown many times over, acquiring SendEarnings in 2005, and launching InboxPounds and DailyRewards in the UK and Canada respectively. Online company Prodege acquired InboxDollars in 2019.


InboxDollars members are paid for signing up other services using InboxDollars website or email marketing ads. The company offers $5 bonus to the members on signing up. Members are offered many different ways to earn money. These include:


This is an important feature of InboxDollar. Members are expected to complete online surveys and earn a fee for the work. The surveys can be quick opinion and registration forms, or a market research questionnaire. Your income from the task depends on the amount InboxDollar gets from the client/advertiser and also on the size or length of the survey. You can use your laptop, tablet, or mobile app for filling out the surveys.


If you love playing games on the computer, you can use your hobby to make money with InboxDollar. It gives you aid games’ to play and earn cash, win prizes and gift cards. In some cases, you may have to download or install a third party software or app to be able to play the games, which may be invasive. You can take your pick as per your convenience.


InboxDollar offers you to compensate for watching different kinds of online videos. These are sponsored contents and sometimes from celebrity clients. Your role is to simply watch the video and in some cases fill up a small survey form.


Different brands offer discount coupons through InboxDollar. If you love shopping, you can check out InboxDollar to see which of your favorite brands has offered discount coupons. You can simply download or print these coupons and go shopping. You will also get your rewards in your InboxDollar account.


As an InboxDollar member when you shop using InboxDollar paid shopping option, you get a cashbank in your InboxDollar account. According to the company, big online companies sites and brands offers a commission to InboxDollar for the traffic that comes through associated links. To make it a well rounded business, InboxDollar pays a part of the commission to its members to encourage them for opting the paid shopping option.


InboxDollar has a aidEmail’ program that allows members to make some money by simply opening the emails and reading them. For members to make use of this option, they have to opt-in. They will start getting paid emails from InboxDollar right into their inboxes. While members might get a small fee for opening and reading the emails but sometimes these emails contain advertisements and offers such as free trial, etc. that you can avail by following the instructions in the email.


Anyone can join InboxDollar for free. On the sign-up of new members, the site pays $5 as bonus, which can withdrawn once the member has earned at least $30 in his InboxDollar account.

Typically, members earn $0.25 for a survey that may take at least 10 minutes to complete or even longer. As per an estimate, members can earn $1.50 per hour once they are fully conversant to the money making ways of InboxDollar.


The signing up process is easy and simple. You need to visit the InboxDollar website, enter your email id, and choose a password. You will be required to confirm the email id. Once you do this, you are ready to mint money.


· 100% free sign up

· $5 Bonus on sign up

· Running since 2000

· Easy to use


· $30 payment threshold

· Takes 2 weeks to cash out


InboxDollars pays its members for filling out surveys and completing online tasks. The site helps people earn some easy cash from the comfort of one’s home. It will not make you rich but you can certainly make some income without leaving your home.