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Jello mold recipes – pink clouds and raindrops

jello mold recipes - pink clouds

When skies are grey outside, brighten up with a colorful treat! Get creative with jello mold recipes. These pink jello clouds and little blue rain drops are a fun way to turn winter into spring (at least on your plate).

Making homemade jello mold recipes is a cinch. Create any shape you can draw up with our simple jello molding instructions. Because there is definitely something sweet about pink clouds with sprinkles to start a new week off right.

Homemade jello molds

Jello Mold Recipes

To create the base of the mold, draw a cloud shape onto a clean, flat piece of cardboard and cut it out using a craft knife. Cut long strips of thick paper stock around 1-2 inches wide – these will be the sides of your mold.

Wrap the paper around the mold, making sure that the paper sits flush to the edge of the cardboard. Fix the paper to the cardboard with masking tape as you go round, and make sure any corners are folded sharply and fit snugly round the base. Add tape on the inside and outside until the sides are fixed securely. When the sides are complete, line the cloud mold with cellophane, and be sure it covers the side fully.

Mix your jello according to the instructions on the packet but don’t set it yet. Place the mold on a baking tray (to easily transport it to and from the fridge) and slowly fill it with the liquid jello. Use a teaspoon to gently press the cellophane into the mold to make sure that the jello has filled it completely. Leave the jello to set in the fridge.

Pink cloud jello molds

Once set, remove your finished jello mold recipes from the fridge and turn them upside down onto your serving plate. The jello should slide out of the paper mold fairly easily, and the cellophane can be peeled off carefully to retain the cloud shape.

Decorate with whipped cream, sprinkles and jello raindrops. For the raindrops jello mold recipes, make a shallow tray of blue jello and cut into small squares once set.

PS. Umbrella drink stirs to shield you from the jello rain.

(Photography © A Subtle Revelry by Claire Cassidy).

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