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jingle chime garland

Holiday Jingle Garland

You guys… We turned on the Christmas music this weekend! I just couldn’t wait any longer :) The season is coming and, although I still have a few Thanksgiving goodies to share, I am definitely ready to get a jump on our holiday decorating and ideas. I’ve decided this year that having a select few decorations out before Thanksgiving  (as long as they are not too holiday and more festive and fun) will actually blend well with our fall table plans.

Here is one of the first things going up in our house: beaded jingle chime garland. It’s fabulous for hanging on a door knob, around the house draping from a chair, etc. The bells really jingle and the colorful beads make it ready to fit in for any celebration this season.

Jungle Chim Garland

Jingle Chim Garland

To make the garland we used a thin white string, this bag of beads, these jingle bells, washi tape, and a package of Dixie cups.

I was inspired for this project by a door hanger in this great new book. To make it start by covering the Dixie cups with a fun selection of Washi tape. The colors and designs available can instantly make this project fit into any home.

Once the cups are covered – begin stringing the beads, cups and jingles together until the garland is the style and size you like.

Jingle Bell Garland

jingle garland

I love the idea of having a couple garlands and more holiday seasoned elements out at Thanksgiving – to make it special and bright! Who else is ready to get festive already!?!

(Photography © A Subtle Revelry by Jocelyn Noel)


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