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Fun and festive kabuki streamers

Inside: The most fun DIY Kabuki Streamers perfect to use as throw streamers! 

I am still smiling from yesterday, you guys. Thank you so much for the incredible support and encouragement for the new magazine. I am thrilled about the magazine launch and even more happy that you love it so much. Thanks for being awesome… To celebrate the big day I came up with these totally fun DIY streamers! These Kabuki Streamers is every party must-have!

DIY Kabuki StreamersKabuki Streamers

Now, for the latest DIY party love of mine – KABUKI Streamers

These DIY streamers are perfect for the next time you’d like to throw streamers, but not have to clean up a mess. Hand them out to guests at a wedding, or celebrate a birthday with bright colorful flair! Each little pack holds nine feet of Kabuki streamer happiness wrapped up inside and with a simple flick of the wrist they come showering out.

To make the Kabuki streamers you will need:

  • Streamers
  • Pretty thick textured paper
  • Scissors
  • Pull here label
  • String

diy streamers

DIY KABUKI Streamers Step by Step

To make the streamers

  1. Start by cutting a length of normally sized streamers into 3 separate widths.
  2. Roll up one section of each of the streamers together in a bunch.
  3. Once rolled, cover with the thick textured paper cut to size, attach a small string to hold the streamer pack with.
  4. Secure with a label that says pull here!

throw streamers

Once the pull here label is released the KABUKI STREAMERS will fly around and create a gorgeous & festive display at the wedding or party. Such a fun way to make a serious scene of revelry.

PS. Ping pong lights for a party and braided streamer garland that will make good use of the leftover streamers.

Photography by the fabulous Carly Taylor.


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  1. Just amazing! You are so clever! Congrats on the launch – I can’t wait to spend some time this weekend having a lovely leisurely look! Happy weekend to you and I am so glad to have my internet access back, Stephie x

  2. Hello! I can’t seem to pull up any links that actually show how to make these. Everything just puts me back to “download the app” ??? I am working on props for a children’s theatre performance and would really really love to know how to make these. :0)

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