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Make Your Own Kids Adventure Pack

This post is sponsored by Children’s Allegra and SheKnows Media.

We’ve been traveling like crazy this month and with every new kids adventure comes a new onslaught of allergies for my kids. Especially my boy is very prone sneezing and itching whenever we visit a new place. Everything seems to affect him. We try hard though not to have things like allergies stop us from enjoying all the kids adventure ideals we hold dear like exploring and fully experiencing a place.

I’m partnering with Children’s Allegra® Allergy Relief to share a few tips we’ve learned along the way for combating our kids allergies while we prioritize kids adventure trips for learning and exploring together. Allegra helps me feel confident that my kid’s allergies will be in control so they can enjoy our vacation and weekend adventure to the max!

Kids Adventure Tips

1. Explore every new place

From jumping into streams to running through flowers – there are some experiences that are worth dealing with what comes. With Children’s Allegra I can make the decision for us if the event is worth the sneezes and know that relief is close at hand. As a parent, I never want my kids to suffer, but I also don’t want them to miss out on an amazing kids adventure that they might only get to enjoy once in a lifetime.

2. Make a kids adventure pack

As spring comes in full force, I like to be sure we are stocked up on all the right precautions we need. We’ve created a little kids adventure pack that is filled with everything we need for the crazy roads ahead. Bandaids, a shaken ice pack, Children’s Allegra® Allergy Relief, paper and pencils for impromptu sketching and hidden sweets for when we really an energy boost. I use this DIY felt bag and it’s a small enough pack that I can fit it in my purse on the go, but has enough stuff that we know we will be okay for the road.

Grab a $3 coupon offer on to start your own kids adventure pack today.

3. Have a soundtrack for the fun

I find my kids are always less nervous and have more fun when we have the right music playing. It’s crazy to me how much their little minds and bodies respond to tone. Whenever we set out for a big weekend adventure, I try to find a few great songs to carry along the way. Playing them as we get ready to leave, when we are in the car and again as they are adventuring outside works like magic to get everyone comfortable and having fun.

Also, whenever the songs come on after our kids adventure it always reminds us of what we did together, which is so sweet and fun.

Mostly though the best tip I have it to just keep active. There’s no way to protect our kids from all the things and as parents we need to decide which priorities we will run after. Whether it’s throwing kid filled parties, or adventuring on vacation I tend to choose the experience over the fear. Giving our kids adventure ideals at a young age will serve them well as they grow older. What is your stance on adventuring ideas with the kids? Make it easier on yourself and make your own kids adventure pack with $100 Visa gift card giveaway from Allegra, enter here.

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  1. Getting out and going on adventures is important for kids to do. Having Allegra is great to have when your kids have allergies.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  2. I’m not very adventurous. My son has bad allergies and in the spring it’s hard for him to play outside too long when everyone is mowing the grass. I’ll give Allegra a try.

  3. I totally support going on adventures with kids. Being active improves their healthy and I would much rather them spend time outdoors than sitting inside indoors playing video games.

  4. We love to bring our kids hiking. We’ll point out different plants, flowers, birds, bugs, etc. My husband was a scout for years and is very knowledgeable about the outdoors. We find that hiking is great for family time together, with no distractions. Thanks so much.

  5. I agree with encouraging kids to be adventurous and curious about the world. I have bad allergies, so I wonder if my daughter will have the same issues, but with an Adventure Pack, we should be ok!

  6. We’ve just started taking adventures. It’s about time for another one but Hubby is working a ton. We’ve all got to get together and see where we want to go next. Thank you!

  7. I think adventure experiences are so important. They are some of my favorite memories of the summer, and I hope my kids will have some, too! Allegra is a lifesaver!

  8. I think it’s so important to expose your kids to different things/adventures when they’re growing up. We like to travel somewhere new every year if possible.

  9. My stance on adventuring ideas with the kids has always been to get out there with them and do fun things. It is tougher the older they get but we still try to do as much as possible.

  10. My kids love going out on adventures, through the woods or just something local they love learning new things with excitement. I say as long as it’s safe, let them at it!

  11. I’m trying really hard to teach my daughter how to be independent and strong by encouraging her to explore and try things as much as possible. Sometimes when I see her hanging upside down from the jungle gym I get super nervous but then I remember that I did that in my childhood and I think it made me cautious when needed but also allowed me to have fun. It’s so tough to know the balance between keeping them safe and letting them try things but I’m working on it!

  12. We enjoy getting outside during the warm summer days! My kids love camping and hiking whenever we can get away! It’s nice to keep allergy medicine for when allergies flare up.

  13. My mom used to almost force us to go to the beach, mountains around here but now i thank her for encouraging us to be one with nature lol now i find myself taking our little one to all natures wonders that California has to offer!

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