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Kit Kat Cake In Kitty Cake Style

One of my favorite candies is a Kit Kat, which is why I think a Kit Kat Cake is possibly the best cake idea that ever was. And because who wants to stop with just a Kit Kats, we created this fun kitty cake recipe that is just about purrrfect.

Kit Kat Cake

There is no secret here, we are fur-real loving all the attention our feline friends are attracting these days. Those adorable faces and sweet meows inspired us to create a treat that is dedicated all to them. This adorable Kitty Kit Kat cake is sure to raise paws at your next party!

*There are just too many cat puns to make. ;) Somebody stop me.

Kitty Cake Party Ideas

Finish off the kitty party after making your kit kat cake with these other fun kitty themed ideas:

kitty cake

How To Shape A Kitty Cake 

To shape the kitty cake, you can either buy a kitty face mold, but I think it’s much more fun to make your own version at home.

To make the kitty shaped cake, bake the cakes in a 6 in round cake pan, using only one layer of cake. This made the perfect height for my bite sized Kit Kats which we will get to below. For my ears I used a smaller square cake and simply cut off the corners to make the perfect triangle.

Once you ice the cake it will look just like a kitty cat face.

What’s so great about a Kit Kat Cake recipe

Well, besides the fact that Kit Kats are one of my favorite candies of all time. The kit kat cake works so well because you have the crisp outside layer of the candies against the softness of the cake. The added wafers give a texture combination that is one for the books.

My favorite cake combination to go with the kit kat is classic vanilla because it makes the chocolate stand out so vividly, I also think strawberry would be a good combination.

Here my favorite basic but amazing vanilla cake recipe is right here.

Kit Kat Cake Step by Step Instructions [adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”mQ0v4i30″ upload-date=”2018-07-09T20:34:45.000Z” name=”Kitty KitKat Cake” description=”Kit Kat cake made from our favorite candy and shaped like a kitten of course! “]

Kit Kat Cake

Kit Kat cake in cute kitty form

Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword kit kat cake, kitty cake
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Servings 8
Calories 260 kcal


  • Your favorite cake recipe
  • 40 Bite Sized White and Chocolate Kit Kats
  • 1 bag Melting Chocolates
  • Royal Icing
  • A kitty face cake pan


  1. First, you will want to prepare your favorite cake. I used a classic vanilla cake with white chocolate frosting. 

  2. Once you have your cake baked, shaped, and iced you will begin to prepare for the assembly of your Kit Kats. For this step you will want to start by unwrapping all your Kit Kats, this makes for a much smoother assembly process.

How To Get The Kit Kats To Stick To The Cake

  1. Melt your chocolates and grab your unwrapped Kit Kats, and lightly dip the bottom of your Kit Kat in the chocolate.

  2. While the chocolate is still wet, gently attach your KitKat to the side of your cake. This acts as a “glue” to hold your Kit Kats to your cake.

How To Make A Kitty Cake Face

  1. Once you have attached all your Kit Kats, use your royal icing and add a cute kitty expression to your cake. Follow our photo template to make it easy. Just a couple whiskers and sweet little eyes and you are good to go!

The kit kat cake combines all my love for the candy favorite with an adorable cake for an easy party win solution. With a few little tricks and a whole lot of chocolate, this yummy treat is simple to create and your friends (especially if you happen to know any 9-year-old girls) will go wild for it.

(Photos & video @ASubtleRevelry created for us by Whitney Gray)

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