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large bloom paper flower

Gigantic paper flower

A wilting flower bouquet holds no competition to this gigantic paper floral bloom! It’s a showstopping display to center a meal this season. From Halloween through Thanksgiving, these Kraft paper petals will set a graphic homespun backdrop for whatever festivities you might be cooking up.

The big floral bloom also makes a great hostess gift – no need to find water on the spot:) It’s gift all your friends will love, even those without a green thumb.

Large form Kraft paper flower

Huge paper flower

Gigantic Kraft paper flower

To make the gigantic paper bloom, purchase a large roll of Kraft paper (here is my favorite source). Begin by cutting out the petals – which are basically a triangle with a curved bottom edge. We added a scallop touch to the ends for a true blooming effect. Cut 15 petals out in 3 different sizes. To make this large form flower our largest petal is 34 inches.

DIY large Kraft paper flower

Once the petals are cut, use a hot glue gun to glue them together. Starting with the back layer (the biggest petals). Fold the sides up just a smidgen and glue to hold. You can see above how our petals overlapped just a bit to give the flower dimension. Once the petals are glued, gently fold in the leaves (this will give needed texture and pull the blooms together). Glue again in the center where the petals combine. Repeat these steps for the middle and front section of the flower.

Large bloom paper flower

Center your flower by gluing a circle cut and bunched piece of felt into place.

Next scour the yard to find a sturdy branch for the flower and attach the flower to the branch. I originally used a needle and thread for this, but because of the large size of the flower hot glue actually ended up working the best to hold it securely into place. Glob the hot glue onto the stick and hold the flower in place until firm – super technical, I know:) But it honestly works!

Stick the flower in a jar filled with rocks for a sturdy base. A basket or wicker planter can be used to pull the look into the rest of the table decor for a party piece everyone will love and remember.

(Photography by Erin Holland for A Subtle Revelry).


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