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large print photo wrapping paper

Large print photo wrapping paper

Father’s Day is coming up soon, wedding season is upon us, and graduations are in full swing. Here is a simple idea to make your gifts special this season- wrap them in oversized printed photos.

Use sweet photos of the kids for dad, embarrassing pictures from your favorite grad’s youth, or early dating photos for the newlyweds you know. Every gift will feel special when you show a bit of history behind it, and this wrapping is a perfect spot to display it.

large print copy photo wrapping paper

Large print photo wrapping paperTo make the large print wrapping paper, bring (or upload) a photo to your local copy store and ask for it to be enlarged to an engineering print. The prints are very affordable – $2-$3 – each and are a great solution for thoughtful wrapping paper.

Project design and photography by Annie, of Most Lovely Things for A Subtle Revelry.


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  1. I did a DIY video on this last year… All of the photo wrapping gifts I gave to family and friends were a hit! Such a unique a special way to wrap a present :)

  2. this is about the best idea I’ve seen in years, and the timing is perfect. I just got a bunch of old photos from my Dad and my uncle to scan. Thank you!

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