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layered paper balls

I’ve had a stash of these purchased paper balls for years that have slowly dwindled down each holiday season. They are such a pretty addition to our Christmas decorations.

To revive the couple left, I set out to recreate them and found it to be a very easy process. Once you have the system down you could make a handful of the balls in less than 20 minutes. They are perfect for decorating anything from trees to tables this time of year.

To make the paper balls you will use thick raffia curling ribbon readily available at crafting stores this season. Cut five pieces into one inch pieces and gently curl into ball form. Attach the first two pieces at their center with a small amount of glue. Next pull the ends up overlapping them and glue each set together. Then take the last three pieces and starting from different parts of the circle interweave them through the double base and the others as you go. Once the glue is dry, dip each ball into a bowl of Mod Podge and let dry again. This will set the shape and make the balls very durable for the crazy Christmas season.

String up in a Christmas tree or use them in pretty piles to decorate around the house.


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