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leaves four ways

I am still smitten by fall. I know the design world is quickly moving on to winter, but my afternoons have been spent walking down the streets of my neighborhood collecting the most gorgeous leaves and I sort of wish I could stay in this season forever!

I threw a DIY touch into my most recent collection and am excited to share with you four ways to make leaves pretty and workable for a Thanksgiving feast, a fall party or anything that you’d like to keep that mistletoe packed away for.

Simple bunting made from sewn leaves is an easy way to liven up your mantle or party backdrop. Use different varieties in similar sizes and sew a length of embroidery thread through each leaf. When connected together they bring that fresh look of fallen leaves from outside into your home.

Bright painted leaves are a fun way to bring a bit of whimsy into the season. Use them to dress up a table, or tie each around a mug of cider so everyone will know which is theirs! The unique design of each leaf in addition to the individual paint touches make them festive stand in’s for cup markers.

Cutting initials into leaves is a simple touch that will make your table look comfortable and personal. Turn each leaf over and lightly pencil in the letter of choice, using a small pair of craft scissors carefully cut out the markings. Be sure to use freshly fallen leaves for this project so they won’t crumble and make a point to wash each leaf if it will rest upon a plate used for eating. Collecting leaves is a perfect project for the kids to accomplish as you finish the day of party prep.

Lastly, glitter… which makes more festive anything it touches. Use spray adhesive to coat each leaf and gently tap out glitter onto the tops. Use the glittered leafs to adorn favor boxes or compile together for a simple sparkly bouquet. Anyway you include them they will bring a special shine to the day.

Happy leaf gathering! Do you have any favorite ways to use these fall beauties?



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  1. Oooh, the painted leaves would make such perfect table decoration! Plus, this post is super timely cuz I just made myself a festive leaf garland this afternoon. Happy fall!!

  2. I love these four different leaf creations. My favorite are the glittered leaves. They remind me of leaves sprinkled with freshly fallen snow. A nice way to bridge the journey between fall and winter.

  3. I am *so* going to pick up leaves off the side walk, paint them and glitter them and put them around my apartment! I love this idea! thanks for sharing.

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