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A refreshing glass of lemonade cures just about any summer aliment. From heat, to travel stress, to kids at home from school, a couple sips into a nice cold glass of the sweet juice and you will be feeling happy and free. For a fun take on this idea, create your own first (lemon) aid kit for summer.

I filled a bright empty first aid bag found here with all the ingredients needed for my favorite fruit infused lemonade. It’s a whimsical hello to the season and a fun gift for hosts, teachers or neighbors this summer. Don’t forget to stash your own bag in the fridge for an urgent moment of summer need.

To make the fruit lemonade; first juice 3-4 lemons. Make the sugar syrup next by combining 1 cup of sugar with one cup of water and cooking on low (stir frequently) until combined, about five minutes. Mix with the lemon juice equally in a large pitcher. Add ice, blueberries, cut strawberries, blackberries, a squeeze of lime and 2 chopped sprigs of mint. Let sit together for about an hour before serving. Makes two large glasses.


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  1. Oh! Yum. I just planted some mint with the sole intent of putting it in my lemonade. That’s the taste of summer! Thanks for this recipe.

  2. As always, your photos are simply lovely and happen to be making me crave some fresh squeezed lemonade (shame on you!). Where, may I ask, is that jug with the blue lid from? It looks so perfect for traveling along with a picnic, I have been searching for something of the like.

    • McKenna, Thanks! The pitcher is from Target, part of their summer outdoor line. It was affordable and is plastic – basically a total win for me:)

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