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Lemon Ricotta Canning Cakes

I am really enjoying our current creative cake series, and am excited to share a few more fun ideas next month. Baking tea cakes in canning jars is one of the best ideas I can think of for spring. We served these at a brunch last year and our guests loved them.

The cakes are great to serve to larger parties because they have no clean up, they can be made ahead of time, and the presentation is so pretty all lined up (or sitting out on individual plates). I am sure the cakes will make it back into our Easter, spring, shower rotation this year.

The lemon ricotta mixed with strawberries is an incredibly refreshing combination this time of year. Remember when we baked lemon cakes inside of lemons? That would be another festive way to present this recipe (although a bit more work heavy).

Download the lemon ricotta cake recipe and simple favor tags.

Styling by You+Me, Photography by Trent Bailey for A Subtle Revelry.

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