A piece from the Styled. lemonade stand that I love but have yet to share; lavender lemonade cakes baked in lemons! They were a festive addition to the stand and would make the perfect sweet note for an afternoon brunch or shower.

Download the lemon favor, “open for cake” labels by clicking here.

To make the cakes; cut one lemon in half. Hollow out both sides and fill the lemon with a lavender lemon cake recipe, here is the one I used (minus the icing). Tie the lemon closed with a length of twine. Place the tied, batter filled lemon in tin foil and bake. Set the oven to double the normal cooking time and reduce the temperature of your recipe by 50 degrees for a perfect cook.

Once the cakes are done, place a few pretty sprigs inside the twine, label, and enjoy opening up the scrumptious treats.

Photography done by Carly Taylor for A Subtle Revelry.