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DIY Letter Decal Balloon Banner

 Inside: Balloon stickers and DIY letter decals for balloon banner

Making a balloon banner is a great way to say Happy Birthday! Using large 6-inch letter boat decals – it’s a breeze to turn everyday balloons into an amazing party backdrop. Use the idea to make your typography balloons that say anything you can imagine; from a birthday wish to congratulations, to a simple “have a good day!”


Balloon Banner

Letter decal party balloons


balloon stickers

I love the versatility of this idea, and that creating it is as simple as applying balloon stickers! Plus, you can change up the balloon colors to make it work for whatever you might be celebrating this time of year.


diy letter decals for balloons


DIY letter balloon banner

DIY Letter Decals for Balloon Banner

To create the DIY letter decals for balloon banner – blow up balloons, or buy a bunch from the party store to make it even easier on yourself. Grab a pack of 6-inch boat decals from your local hardware store, or buy them online here.

Take the balloon sticker off the sheet and gently stick it on the balloon, smoothing out creases as you go. Done! Hang the balloon banner on the wall and stand back to acknowledge how awesome you are, and how much you just rocked that party set-up in no time at all.

Happy Birthday Balloons

Letter decal balloons DIY

Just a small note with these balloon banner stickers: you get one stick – so make it a good one. Be prepared for a giant balloon pop if you try to remove the stickers. I bought an extra pack just in case I needed them. Which is good since this might be my new backdrop for every party I host ever! Boo. Merry Christmas. I love you. Why these balloons could keep talking all year long!

Balloon letter decal

More Fun Balloon Ideas

This balloon banner is the perfect decor for any celebration, but here are a few more of my balloon favorites.

Letter decal balloon banner

DIY birthday balloon banner


(Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry)


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