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Lettuce stamp tablecloths + craft breaks

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Lettuce stamp tablecloth

When I started blogging over 6 years ago, I started like most bloggers who were beginning back then. It was a hobby. For me, it was a sanity break from two crying babies. I’ve always loved crafting and hosting parties and blogging was a way I could do that and share it with the world. It was not my job back then. It was my “me-time”, it was my creative release. It was a way I indulged myself in the things I loved. Then slowly, as it happens, people started following along. Within a year the blog was much more than a hobby. It turned from my creative release to the best job in the world for me. And I love it. Always.


I’ve found that in the midst of deadlines, staff, and our heavy editorial schedule that I’ve lost some of that original excitement. Even the best hobbies made into jobs still end up, in some sense, being a job.

So I’ve started doing something crazy. I’m excited to tell you…

I’ve begun taking little craft breaks that are all for me. I’ve been creating and designing a few things on the side… not to blog about, not to shoot DIY steps for, not to research the SEO value of. Just for fun. Just for me. Just because I love to do this stuff.

It’s been revolutional. It’s helped to kick start that part of my brain again and has been such a secret indulgence. I’m sharing this lettuce print tablecloth craft, which is one of the crafts, made a couple months ago. To encourage us all to take this time. Whatever you love. Do it. Just for you sometimes.

ice cream break

Lettuce print tablecloth

This tablecloth was deigned with Mother’s Day in mind – my mom was visiting and it looks great in our dining room. The pretty lettuce print flowers will look amazing anytime of year though. It’s a great project to spread out and paint on the deck during a lazy summer afternoon.

Lettuce print tablecloth

The directions are wildly simple – cut a lettuce (or cabbage) in half. Paint the bottom and stamp away. Add in whimsical green leaves here and there for texture.

craft break

I realize in sharing this project, I’m breaking my own ideal to create it just for me… But I knew you’d love this one and when it was created it really was definitely a “me-moment”. Do you have passions that have been lost in the midst of newly found jobs? I find it’s something that happens to many of us who blog from a passion, who create Etsy shops from things we love to craft, who shoot photos because they love photography, and who write because they can’t help but tell stories.

It’s a perfect time of year to step back and do it again, just for you. Even if it’s only a five minute break.

Lettuce print tablecloth

Skinny Cow

While sneaking away for my little craft breaks, it’s the perfect time to grab a treat. I’ve been crushing hard on the new Caramel Divine Filled Chocolates from Skinny Cow. They sent me a box that I’ve been keeping in the fridge. The chocolate is refreshingly tasty eaten cold and they come in little squares, which is a perfect way to indulge for a moment while I wait for the paint to dry.

I’ve shared before about my love for their new ice cream flavors, including the Vanilla Almond Crunch Ice Cream Bar, and I’m still really excited to try out the Mocha Latte Creamy Iced Coffee, doesn’t that just sound refreshing?!? Share your secret for living the good life on Twitter with #SkinnyCowSecret. Direct message @TheSkinnyCow to win a special treat.

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