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Love It All – August Update

LoveI can’t believe it is already September and Labor Day today! Happy holiday if you are off work and enjoying the sun. We are excitedly welcoming in this transition to fall with hot cocoa, pumpkin and all the cozy posts coming right up. I love fall so much.

August felt like another BIG month for A Subtle Revelry behind the scenes. We added a few new members to our team – you can see their bios over on our about page.

In August I read The Glass Castle and then promptly saw the movie. Both were phenomenal!

In August we tore out our downstairs laundry room and are putting it back together this week. We purchased this wallpaper for the space and I am over the moon excited to see it all come together.

The twins started 3rd grade this August, it’s been a fun few weeks getting to know their teachers and their new classes. Before school started we took our last trips up to the lake with our kid’s kayaks that have been such a hit all summer long.

I gushed about my love of our city for way too long this month over on Design Mom.

We also posted a couple things I was really excited about:

This peaches & Cream Milkshake is soooo good.

A balloon window DIY that you can do at home, in any window!

Wer shared our favorite list of back to colorful school supplies & gave a tip on making lunches WAY more fun with stickers.

We answered all the pressing questions about our home design decisions & made a whimsical rainbow house number.

Another huge thing that happened in August was we decided to slow down our blog content quite a bit.

This summer for the first time (in over 7 years! of blogging), we took a little slower output on the content creation side. It was a bit of an experiment and A HUGE challenge for me! For years I have prided myself in busting out 5 posts a week without fail, to the point that even with a husband in the hospital I never missed a beat.

But one thing I’ve been learning this year is that times are a changin my friends… I know so many of you engage with me over on Instagram, through our pretty photos on Pinterest and all the other places besides right here on the blog these days. Although this blog will always be the cornerstone to our brand of revelry, I am excited to explore what engaging more in all the other places will do for our daily connection.

In August dropped our post rate down to 3ish posts a week, which was wild for me! And it gave me more time to start chatting with you on Instagram stories and other fun things like that – did you weigh in over there on our chickens vs. goats conversation the other day?

We are still figuring out this perfect number for weekly posts and fall is always a crazy time (there is just SO much inspiration this season), but you can be sure anytime we post it will be something you don’t want to miss.

September is going to be a great start to fall. Can’t you already smell it? xoxo

(Top image @Ali Lanenga/Stocksy United)

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