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love shower piñata valentine

Showering Love Pinata Valentine

A piñata Valentine now that’s a treat! I love receiving sweet treats anyway I can, but placed inside a stitched up cloud piñata might be my favorite way ever to receive a handful of goodies.

Make these Valentine shower piñatas in miniature form, give out and win the best card in class. Or make them in large form to pull at a Valentine’s Day party, for a raining shower of sweets everyone is sure to love.

Love Shower Piñata Valentine

love struck pinata

Love Shower Piñata

Love Shower Valentine Pinata

Cut, stitch and fill – the steps are so simple!  To make your own shower of love large piñata; hand draw a cloud on a sheet of large craft paper and then double it over and cut it out to make two. Use embroidery thread to stitch it the cloud shut. We filled the paper cloud with confetti hearts and little candies, then added alphabet stickers to create an sweet message.

To create a tag for the pull, stamp a message using alphabet stamps. Add a brad to the top of the piñata so when the piñata is strung it won’t tear a hole in the paper. It worked PERFECTLY!  Such a fun way to give out treats on Valentine’s Day, or any rainy day in need of a sweet shower of fun.

To make the smaller piñata Valentine’s… follow the same instructions, except cut the cloud much smaller. Cut the cloud shapes out of scrapbook paper for a pretty pattern effect.

DIY Love Shower Piñata Valentine

Fill the cloud with small sweets and hearts, stitch it, then tape it to a thick card with super sticky tape. Use alphabet stickers for a message on the cloud. Tie on the stamped pull tag for a sweet shower your Valentine will not forget!

Project styling and photography by Tina Fussell for A Subtle Revelry.


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