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How to Make a Unicorn Horn – Simple Hat Anyone Can Make!

how to make a unicorn horn
how to make a unicorn horn

One of the most popular parties I’ve posted was Carly’s adorable unicorn party. Unsurprisingly, unicorn horn was the center of attention. 

All the kids adorned these simple and pretty unicorn hats that were a huge hit!

I’ve gotten so many requests for a tutorial on how to make them and here it is.

Your little ones will be over the moon, or rainbow, or whatever it is unicorns fly over when wearing these sweet party hats.

Here is a basic party hat template to use as a starter for the unicorn horn.

How to Make a Simple Unicorn Horn

Save and print the unicorn horn download right here for an easy starting place.

How to make a unicorn horn party hat – Cut out the template and place it over the backside of foam paper.

Trace outline to create imprint, then trace imprint for easy cutting. After cutting out the shape, start rolling the foam to create the cone shape.

Cut a strip of the backing paper off so you can adhere cone (leave the remaining paper on back to prevent kids’ hair from sticking!).

Reinforce with glue gun. Glue metallic wired ribbon into point of cone, wrap around and secure at base.

Then place a ribbon between foam paper and backing, glue to secure.

Posts in this party hat series are styled and photographed by Carly Taylor under the creative direction of Victoria Hudgins for A Subtle Revelry.


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  1. This was super simple! We used the ponytail hair-tie elastic instead of ribbon, and stuffed horn with cotton. Was perfect using the sticky-back foam sheets. Girls wore them all night! Just felt like elastic headbands! Simple, inexpensive birthday party win!!

    • Why did you stuff it with cotton? Does it stay in place better? Also, what kind of hair tie elastic did you use (instead of ribbon? Thank you!

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