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How To Make & Apply Iron On Patches

Inside: The easiest DIY for how to make iron on patches. 

Does anyone else just LOVE the embroidered patch trend? I am obsessed! I love being able to add that special flair to anything like clothes, shoes, or even back to school snack bags. These DIY custom iron on patches are the perfect project to showcase your personal style.

How to make iron on patches

If you’re anything like me sitting down and learning how to perfectly embroider sounds like a struggle. I totally admire everyone out there that create beautiful embroidered art, like Jenny Hart. She is super talented and you can find some pretty amazing embroidery inspiration by visiting her page!

But, not all of us can have that super talent, so I created a simplified version of a DIY custom iron on patch that ANYONE can make. And I’m going to show you how to do it, step-by-step.

custom iron on patches

How to make custom iron on patches

To make these DIY iron-on embroidered patches you will need a few supplies:

diy embroidery patches

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How to make iron on patches step-by-step process

1. First, you will want to create a template. I simply drew out the lip shape that I wanted to create. You can also look up lip outlines online and print those as your template.

2. Next, create the black background. This gives it the illusion of depth.

3. Then cut the lip pieces from your favorite lip shade.

4. Take your embroidery thread and need and use a chain stitch to create highlights on the lips. This gives that fun embroidered look without having to be a professional seamstress.

5. Last, cut a small piece of Wonder Under to fit the shape of your DIY patch and iron that on. Make sure to follow the directions on the Wonder Under packaging. It is super easy and makes any fabric iron-on!

6. Peel off the back of the Wonder Under and you have created your own DIY iron-on embroidered patches.

how to make diy iron on embroidered patches

Iron on patches

How to apply iron on patches

Now that we have our custom iron on patches created it’s time to apply them.

You can apply the iron on patches to any article of clothing, I love how they look updating a makeup bag.

Fun custom patch tip: on our last family vacation to Disney – my son bought a Harry Potter iron on patch and put it on his backpack when we came home. It looks very cool, and was WAY more affordable to purchase than any bag or hat they were selling.

To apply the custom iron on patches you will need:

  • The custom patch & clothing
  • A light towel
  • An iron & hard surface

1. Start by laying out the clothing and placing the patch on top of the article in the position you’d like it to be in.

2. With the iron heated to medium without any steam option on, gently iron on the patch for about 10 seconds. This will activate the glue.

3. Carefully, turn the bag, or clothing inside out and place the towel on top of the patched area. Place the iron in place for 20-30 seconds.

4. Allow to cool before touching or moving.

creating iron on patchescustom painted iron on patchesCreating painted DIY iron on patches

Here’s a second way to make custom iron on patches if you’d rather paint then sew!

1. Print out the patches you’ve designed graphically onto iron on paper, or freehand a set of your own DIY patches straight onto iron on paper with a black sharpie.

2. Use paint to color in each of the patches to complete the design.

3. Cut out each patch and iron on the bag or clothing according to the package directions in a fun DIY configuration.

Create your own DIY patch style

Now that you have your DIY iron-on embroidered patches, check out these other cool and colorful accessory DIY’s that you can add for more fun and fresh style!

iron on patches diy

How to remove iron on patches

And just incase you change your mind, the best thing about making iron on patches is that they don’t have to be permanent!

If you want to remove your iron on patches you will need a piece of wax paper & an iron.

  • Simply use the wax paper to cover the patch and press down with the iron for about 20-30 seconds. This will melt the glue and allow the patch to come right off the bag or clothing.

Then just create another iron on custom patch and start again with our instructions for how to make them above.

(Photos & video @ASubtleRevelry created for us by Whitney Gray)

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