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Making Rainbows

Bets rainbow projects

Happy weekend! It’s about this time every year that I start dreaming in rainbows. The end of winter is here and although we are still loving the El Nino snow packs at Tahoe, my aching for spring has begun. Making a few rainbow projects around the house tends to brighten everything up and helps us make it through these last few weeks.

Here are a few of my favorite new rainbow projects that will bring a gigantic dose of rainbow bright to your weekend plans.

rainbow umbrella skirt

Use a rainbow umbrella to create this gorgeous rainbow skirt.

rainbow box

A rainbow box filled with balloons makes me very happy.

hilarious rainbow hat

A rainbow hat! How hilarious is that?!? You can bring the rainbow with you wherever you go. ;)

Rainbow hair

Pastel sand art hair to rock (would you?) while we wait for spring.

Rainbow garland

Rainbow paper garland that will brighten up any drab looking wall.

Rainbow entrance knobs

Rainbow knobs for the entrance.

rainbow bagel

Rainbow bagels because the food should be bright too!

rainbow shots

Rainbow shots for those dreary late winter nights when you want to entertain and need something fun.

rainbow pinata cake

A rainbow pinata cake.

Rainbow dressers

Rainbow dressers that are amazing! And would quickly brighten up any room. Adding these ones to our new home inspiration – stat!

Rainbow umbrellas

Bright rainbow umbrella backdrop for making a party scene in the middle of winter.

Ikea rainbow storage

This rainbow storage unit is awesome! We are headed to Ikea in the next few days to grab our kitchen cabinets and I’m thinking this needs to be picked up and painted as well.

rainbow manicure

Rainbow manicuresAlso this one is fun too.

rainbow cake

A rainbow cake topper to make every sweet you eat more bright and fun.

PS. 25 rainbow projects you can make.

(Top photography @Pixel Stories/Stocksy United).

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