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Making Sick Days Fun With A Sick Day Care Kit

This post is sponsored by CareNow and SheKnows Media. All opinions are my own.

Making sick days fun

Sick days are no fun for anyone! Whether you are the kid who’s sniffly and sad or the mom who’s taking a day off to care for your sweet littles, sick days are usually no fun!

I’ve always hated that on a day you need cheering up the most, it’s the least fun day of them all.

So, I’ve created these fun sick day kits for my kids to enjoy. When they know they are sick enough to stay home and visit the doctor, at least they know this fun sick day kit is waiting for them to enjoy.

One of the things we do to help our sick days go better is to visit our local CareNow clinic. Instead of trying to get fit into an appointment at our primary care doctor, which sometimes takes days, we can pop on over to the CareNow clinic and be seen in no time. I can even sign in online and wait at home – which is a LIFE SAVER when we have a sick kid on our hands. It allows our family to get the care we need, yet still have time for a little fun.

Sick day party

DIY Sick Day Care Kit

To make the sick day kit, I bought a colorful box and went to town filling it will all the sick day essentials + a little added fun.

We have essentials in the box like:

  • Tissues
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Cough drops
  • Medicine
  • A small journal for the kids to draw out how they feel, since that’s often easier than using words.

But then also add a little fun with:

  • A new sick day stuffed animal
  • A few simple toys
  • A word search book to keep them busy while we are at the doctors with an awesome new pen
  • Something they love hobby wise, we are very into finger knitting these days so yarn is a sick day must!

DIY sick day care box

We keep the box closed up and away, until we need it to save the day! It can be pulled out and brought along to our local CareNow clinic to be sorted through and played with while we wait.

The care we receive has always been great and my kids almost look forward to going to the doctors knowing this sick day kit is waiting for them once they arrive.

In fact, we are headed to our local CareNow this week to get our flu shots in an attempt to curtail this season’s sick days before too many begin.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).

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