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March Madness Basketball Party Ideas

Inside: The best March Madness basketball party ideas.

We are not much of a sports family… with the exception of college basketball. March is a very big month for us and it’s the only time of the year you’ll see the TV blaring a sports game. Living in the city of our Alma Maters rival the past few years has given ample opportunity for a bit of old’ fashion college rivalry fun. It’s become a tradition for us to host our friends and rivals over during the month and banter about who’s going to make it to the big dance.

March Madness basketball party

March Maddess Party

Hosting a March Madness party can be done with festive and fun style, allowing you to be a gracious host no matter what team’s fans might walk through your door.

basketball birthday party favors

Whenever we host a party I tend to find one or two new home items to purchase. They make my party feel fresh and I love the thought of investing in pieces I can keep and use over and over again. This bronze ice bucket filled with my new favorite lemonade is a great example. The bucket fancies up the basketball party and I’ll continue to use it all season long.

Basketball drink stirs

DIY Basketball drink stirs

Basketball Party Favors

Basketball stir sticks quickly give our drink service a fancy sports flair. I purchased colorful craft beads and used a sharpie to draw in basketball lines. Gluing each ball bead onto a stir stick makes for a bar that looks bright and festive. This also makes a great basketball birthday party favors for any future birthday bashes!

basketball party ideas

While party shopping I tend to grab a few packs of disposable party supplies also. The bright colors and festive details of these favor bags are perfect for holding chips, popcorn and other easy to eat snacks.

basketball party ideas

DIY basketball birthday party

Want to know a great party secret I have?

The fewer dishes I have to wash after an action-packed March Madness basketball party the happier hostess I am. Balancing my more substantial home party purchases with colorful disposable details makes the entire event seem thoroughly thought out. Including disposable food, containers are a perfect way to annihilate clean up and make my party throwing a breeze. Bags for popcorn, cups for peppers, even serving drinks right in their pretty glasses allows me to treat my guests with style, AND not be stuck cleaning up all night long.

basketball party food

These blistered peppers are my new favorite March Madness basketball party appetizer. I started by falling in love with the blistered Shishito peppers. Then I found out I liked the blistered baby bell peppers even better! Have you tried them?

Blistered peppers are not only trendy right now, but very simple to make. Heat a heavy (cast iron is best) skillet on high use about 1TBSP Olive Oil and char the peppers for about 4 minutes tossing as you go. Sprinkle your favorite sea salt on the peppers when finished and serve in easy to use clear glasses. A simple Washi tape tag will let your guests know exactly what they are eating. Serve the peppers right from the skillet, or chill in the fridge and serve cold. Either way, they are a new party favorite and will be gone before you even know it!

March Madness basketball party DIY

March Madness Basketball Party Ideas

Bringing in festive details like a Washi tape bracket design on the wall, basketball lined party lanterns, and colorful striped garland, along with my go-to party basics like the bronze ice holder, bright white cake stand, and fun party bowls really set the scene for a fun afternoon of examining our brackets and bantering with our friends.

Basketball party DIY

Entertaining for a March Madness basketball party doesn’t have to be difficult to be fun. My favorite basics, a few simple basketball birthday party favors. One great recipe and some great basketball party ideas (Did I hear you say pink basketball? Why yes, of course!) are all that’s needed to gather and enjoy the fun of the game together. What are your favorite pieces to pick up for throwing a great party at home?

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  1. I LOVE the Washi Tape bracket! My husband goes crazy for March Madness and now it has become a family affair. It would be so fun to have a dedicated bracket washi tape wall!

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