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Master Suite Before & After Reveal

Our work in finishing the master suite is finally done and the renovation of the space means so much to me. Being the room where I spend a lot of time and also one of the last huge room renovations we had for the festive house design, the final photo session was honestly a little emotional for me, more on that coming soon. It was fun to create a space that was a little bold, a lot of restful and has so much more room than the previous master bedroom suite, which honestly I wouldn’t really call suite by the most generous descriptions.

Master Suite

As a part of this major master suite renovation, we built out a custom walk in closet, expanded and designed a dream small bathroom and then tackled the master bedroom suite by adding in a fireplace, a couple amazing chairs from Article and a ton of texture and natural light. But, before we jump into what the space has become, it’s always fun to see where it began.

Master suite before & after

By removing the sliding door closets from the far wall, we were able to expand the bedroom by about 80 square feet which ended up feeling like we added hundreds of feet to it. In the moody master bedroom post where we shared this space for the first time, which was a design until we could renovate post. The bed had to go on that wall that the entrance to the room was on just to fit and it closed off the entire space immensely. You know when you walk into a room and you’re basically walking into a bed – that’s what it was like! Not pretty.

Now we have room for the bed to be in a better natural position and even room for a seating area in front of the bed. I am astonished at what a HUGE difference pushing the room back made to our master bedroom suite.

Master suite renovation plans

Master Suite Design

Since we took away the sliders on the far side of the room which held our not so great master closet – Matt fixed the issue by building our own walk in closet. The entrance to which is right along this wall (see arrow above). On the other side of the wall is our son’s room which was really way too large for a kids room. We took over a bit of it to build out this master suite walk in closet, which I adore! Sometimes when space doesn’t work the way you hope for in a house, the best option can be to adjust the parameters given to make it happen.

master suite closet renovationYou can read more about this process of how to build a walk in closet the DIY way and get all the products for our build out (Hint *Ikea!). Plus those DIY copper rods would look amazing in any closet you might want to build.

Master bedroom suite

Opening up the space gave us plenty of room for a couple comfy chairs to enjoy. Check our my Article furniture review right here to see why I can’t recommend these enough for comfy bedroom style you’ll adore. The two chairs we used in the space are the Embrace rose pink chair and the Embrace coconut rocking chair. The two chairs together give that Mr./ Mrs. look without being to matchy in the space. The pink one is obviously mine. ;)

master bedroom plants

master bedroom suite furniture

Adding in floral details, but keeping the space light and bright was a big priority for me. The wallpaper in the room makes such a HUGE statement on one wall, that we balanced out the other side of the room with light pink curtains and lots of pretty floral texture.

master suite fireplace

This is the outside of our master suite bathroom renovation that Matt added an electric fireplace to the back wall of the shower. It was a little detail that has created such a calm and spa like feel to the entire master bedroom suite. We went with an inwall mounted fireplace that has a heat vent, to warm up the space in colder months. You can see more angles and photos of this right here.

master suite bathroom design

I shared a series of posts on our master suite bathroom renovation: see the inspiration, the process we went through to create this space and the small bath design reveal with before and lots more after photos of this space. It has sure come a LONG way! Sufficient to say, it transformed the entire master suite from not so master feeling at all, into my dream.

master bedroom renovation reveal

master bedroom renovation design

All in all this renovation, from building the closet, to the bathroom, to the bedroom took us about 5 months in total – since Matt does most of the work himself we go slower than most. But now that it is done and we’ve added so many great features + extra square footage to the space – I am so happy that we decided to tackle and make this space work best for us.

See the rest of the festive home spaces and the story behind this house right here, including the kitchen renovation, basement bathroom renovation and my studio at home (aka my favorite room in the house!).

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