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matchstick candle

I will be sharing a few of the details from our 30th birthday over the next week. We had a super small gathering of just a few close friends, it was relaxed and perfect. Carly captured the details while it was still light out.

We sat and chatted the evening away around our backyard bonfire. A very big 30th birthday candle served as our fire starter, which I made by gluing matches onto a scrap piece of wood.

The match candle was a fun way to give credence to the milestone birthdays being celebrated and it was incredibly exciting to see the matches all light up together!

Photography by Carly Taylor.



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  1. I absolutely adore this Idea! I am definitely going to borrow this idea from you for our next birthday celebration.
    BTW I just love your site – I am wannabe party planner – so it is fun seeing all your cool creations and ideas. My poor kids have had to have a themed party almost every year so that I can get my fix :) I hope they don’t want to plan their own weddings!!! :)

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