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Mattress frame chandelier

Thanks to everyone who sent in DIY projects for the Celebrate JOY contest. It is so much fun to see what goodies you have been making. Our challenge winner goes to Laura who sent in numerous projects from her Christmas cocktail party. I loved how this project was not just pretty but also very practical for a celebration. A Mattress frame chandelier…

She used her bed mattress, lights and a simple sheet to create a backdrop for the party and light up a very dim party room. I love this idea and the fabulous haphazard shape the lights took once placed. It feels almost like a a winter storm is present.

Congrats Laura and enjoy the amazing prize loot!


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  1. Thank you so much!! :) I’m so glad you liked my simple idea to change the bed to a big & crazy chandelier. I can’t wait to show my family and friends! I love your blog and am super thrilled about the prizes from your great sponsors! Beautiful stuff. <3 Thanks again.

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