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merrymaking 2.10.12 | hostess

Thanks for your get-well emails and sweet comments this week. I spent way more time than planned recovering (and helping my family recover) from an unfortunate bout of Bronchitis. In its place, I am quite happy to be hosting house guests this weekend for a bit of fun diversion. Wondering If I can pull off a polka dot, floral and zebra print in the same outfit as I serve homemade chicken in my sparkling white kitchen? What do you think? HA! Happy weekend friends, don’t forget to celebrate whatever your hostessing might look like.

PS. In other wildly exciting news… We’ve hired a graphic designer for Styled. magazine (HOORAY!). I can’t help but smile every time I think about how much more amazing it’s going to be. Sneak peak of issue number five coming next week.

Gorgeously unattainable photo by Mark Lund.

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