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merrymaking 2.24.2012

My weekends are currently split because of Matt’s schedule, so we are trying hard to take Thursdays off together. Yesterday, we went to this hilarious bouncey house with the kids. I don’t think I have ever seen them so thrilled before! Have you ever had split weekends? I am still not used to having two Friday nights and two Monday mornings every week.

The rest of the week I spent dipping flowers in bright paint and getting ready for our March issue of Styled. magazine. This next issues theme is, the contrast in the brightness of spring. I love how the sneak peak above with the grey backdrop and the brightly painted flower reveals it. More to come soon!

Here are a few links for reveling in this weekend.
Adorable inspiration and gorgeous advice, Miriah’s charm school is filled with entertaining tips, worth the read.
Have you seen this music video? It was made using 12,000 pieces of construction paper!
Little hint, if you are in a wrinkled tablecloth bind pull out your straightening iron to save the day.
Glitter champagne glasses… this looks so easy.

Have a happy weekend!

Photo by Erin Holland for Styled. magazine.

PS. We are sold out for March but have just opened advertising options for our April and May issues. If you’d like to find out more about advertising in the magazine (or on the blog) email me here.

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