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Merry Christmas Quotes

We all need to add a little more laughter and joy to your holiday season. Here are a few great merry Christmas quotes to add to your holiday cards, favorite cute Christmas quotes to bring you holiday cheer and some funny Christmas quotes to make you giggle to yourself while waiting for that parking spot at the mall.

28 Merry Christmas Quotes With Images

We’ve come to love a good quote for it’s ability to liven up a moment or space. Placing quotes on letter boards has become a wildly easy way we can decorate and bring new life to any corner of the house. Here are a few favorite letter boards for putting these quotes up around the house this Christmas season.

And in case you are looking for other quotes to add once our Merry Christmas quotes are out of season, here are a couple favorites:

Merry Christmas quotes

Because we all follow the 4 elf food groups these merry Christmas quotes will easily make every day of the season better.

1. Elastic waistbands, the true savior of the holidays

2. Winter, the perfect excuse to cram as many marshmallows into your mug as possible

3. All I want for Christmas, Hallmark Channel, Cozy Socks, Hot Cocoa and Cookies

4. What’d you get for Christmas? Fat, I got fat

Merry Christmas quotes with images

Merry Christmas quotes for friends

We all need a drink or two during the holiday season and a little binge watching Netflix. From our favorite Christmas movie quotes to that specific Merry Christmas quotes for friends that you know everyone will love placed at the bar, we have your party nights & stay at home nights covered.

5. Holiday Starbucks Cup, That’s All

6. Fa La La La Rum, I Mean Eggnog

7. Merry Cocktails and Holiday Dreams

8. Deck Yo Self, Before You Wreck Yo Self

9. A Silent Night and a glass of wine, best holiday EVER

10. Merry Christmas YA filthy animal

Merry Christmas quotes for friends

Cute Christmas Quotes

A lot of glitter never hurt anyone and when you are aiming to bring joy with merry Christmas quotes, these cute Christmas quotes are exactly the sparkle your holiday needs.

11. Let’s get festive

12. Getting ready for Christmas since July

13. Sparkle and shine, it’s Christmas time

14. Jolly AF

15. Here comes Amazon, here comes Amazon, right to my front door

16. Christmas music on repeat

17. Put on your sunglasses, I’m wearing ALL the sequins for the holidays

18. The holiday season is the only time of year it’s not creepy to be followed by a car in the mall parking lot

19. All I want for Christmas is Snow, Jon Snow

Funny Christmas quotes

Funny Christmas Quotes

We can’t possibly be on the nice list ALL year, these funny merry Christmas quotes will at least keep you smiling as you open your coal.

20. Dear Santa, How much do you already know?

21. How to stay on Santa’s ‘Nice List’, just blame it on the Elf on the Shelf

22. Naughty, Nice, I Tried

23. Be Good, Santa follows me on Instagram

24. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear

25. Remember, Santa’s on Whole 30 this season

26. Santa, what exactly do you mean by nice?

27. This Christmas instead of gifts, I’m gifting everyone my opinion.

28. Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle

(Photography @A Subtle Revelry by Brandi Van Leer).

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